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6 days of Bikram Yoga #Namaste

April 12, 2015

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

What do we think about when we think of yoga? The ocean, serenity, stones and some lotus blossoms floating down a shallow river stream…its peaceful, it’s calm, we reflect on our life and our hopes and dreams and smell fresh lavender consume the breeze. We are free…….right…..WRONG!

Here I was this past Friday morning I recently reconnected with my long time bestie Michelle who had invited me join her in a Yoga class.

I’m thinking in my mind I don’t know how this is going to work for a plus size girl but I will give it a try, why not. She had been away from it in a while and it was an opportunity for us both to get healthy and rekindle our friendship.

So I am diligent and drink a gallon of water as instructed I got out my cute hot pink USANA Yoga mat that I never used and was ready to be Divalicious in yoga. I thought I would look cute drink a little water stretch a bit and take in a deep breath roll up my mat and go on with my day.

In short YOGA kicked my A$$ just to keep it real. I was wobbling because I could not balance on one leg, I was  sweating like crazy because this was a Hot Yoga class and it was all of 150 degrees well maybe not 150 but over in the low 100’s.

I have to stand up balance lay day down turn to the right turn to the left lift my right leg up and then down lift my left leg up and then down. I felt like a piece of meat being sautéed as I turned my body over throughout the class.

We had to look at ourselves in the mirror so in short it was pretty comical watching myself in the mirror as I wobbled and tried to balance myself on one leg … but at the same time I was proud of my body and watched in awe of what I am capable of doing with my body. The instructor was awesome because he was able to teach me positions that I could do given to my current fitness level and customize the pose to the size of my body.

I’m not able to bend like a paper clip or stand on my toes a hold it like crow. #notagoodlookforadiva It was just not happening but I was able to participate with the new positions that I learned and I look forward to the day that I will be able stand on my hands with my legs crossed! #instagood!

The instructors also gave me relief to know that not even they can do all the poses people who have been doing it for twenty years can not do all of the poses but it is something that continuously grows with you as you practice and is an exercise that you can do for life!

In a weird crazy kind of way I actually enjoyed the workout and was relieved that it was over. I came back the next day for day 2 I had some of the poses down and was familiar. I worked at my own pass still got a good sweat in and had a fabulous workout! I missed class Sunday and missed it. I think it’s a way that my body is telling me Yes! Yes! more of this please!!!! 

So here we are one week later and I’m already noticing changes in my body and feel more relaxed. The day to day nonsense does not bother me as much and I am feeling more connected to my inner diva. 

I am proud of myself in the above “before ” picture because it represents a personal promise of change that I have made to myself to take care of my body and nourish my soul. I do not have to be perfect but I do have to be consistent in taking daily action to reach my goal.

It takes temporary pain for lasting gain! – Amber Star M Duvall

My Goal:

Lose 10% of my body weight over the next 90 days and get under 300lbs just not healthy to carry all this extra diva around as fabulous as she is she’s slowly killing me while draining my energy and reducing the quality of my life. I desperately need change.

My Stats:

Weight 335 lbs

Hips 62

Waist 52

Ratio .84


Be Healthy. Be Fabulous. BeYou

Mia The Diva

Creator & Founder

Fly by July Campaign   

Just Start.

April 10, 2015

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

I’ve missed you Ladies! Summer is around the corner it’s about that time!

Warning: Long Post!

It’s been a minute and I hope that everyone is doing Fabulous on their health & wellness journeys! As we all know with this lifestyle change there is no straight arrow to success there are stops and curves and scribbles and circles before we get to where we want to be and I’m learning that the process is the fun part what a story we will have to share with one another!

I had to take a step back in order to take a step forward in my life. I had to prioritize what is truly important to me and carry on the work that God has called me to do.

When we abandon our calling not intentionally but more of getting in our own way and pursuing a life the way we think it’s suppose to be lived. In my experience this  leads to disaster and feeling ” lost ” in this world.

If you are blessed to know your calling embrace it. If you don’t know your calling seek it. The only way you will find it is when you never pass up an opportunity and love everything! You will know you have found your sweet spot when you not only love what you do but you are passionate about it.

Embracing your calling is a gift and unique to you and only you so share with the world! We are all here to build to connect and to grow with one another.

So in short, I’m still here and so is Fly by July! I’ve experienced and experiencing medical challenges recently that I will be sharing in future post so this season Fly by July 2015 I will be focusing on documenting my journey we all know how this social media thing works LoL

If you don’t know now you know… ( In my Biggie Smalls voice )

You are more than welcomed to join me on my journey to health and freedom! Get plugged in and follow on social media everything ( the main ones )  is flybyjuly or @flybyjuly depending on your network of choice. I will be sure to follow you back let’s hold each other accountable and get FLY! I’m starting on Monday April 13th – July 13th you can join in at anytime!

How it Works:


This entire campaign is truly a passion and dream of mine that I’m not giving up on because everyone deserves to feel beautiful and needs support in one form or another when starting and continuing a healthy lifestyle, not everyone in the world is down for eating Kale Steaks and taking a swig of green smoothies on the daily. PLUS who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of living a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!

Like having a beautiful body that you are proud of a body that you earned. Having the energy to play with your kids, grandkids, husbands boyfriends and boo-thangs or even just having the energy to enjoy a Ladies Night with your girls.

Having the energy to go anywhere and do anything that your heart desires! It could be having the confidence to date again going for a job promotion or even possibly starting your own business! The world is your oyster divas and the possibilities are endless it doesn’t matter where you are in life if it be in your 20’s 30’s 40’s and beyond.

If we’re not growing we’re slowly dying and who’s trying to die!?! #notagoodlookforadiva Nobody has time for that right now we all have full lives ahead of us to live!

A brand new Fabulous Life awaits those who desire to seek it!

I don’t know of anyone who desires to get heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. we can not stop disease from striking us but we can take care of ourselves so that we have the best defense should it strike!

So when you are ready to makeover your lifestyle you will know it!

Just Start!

Be Healthy.Be Fabulous .Be You

Mia The Diva

Creator & Founder

Fly by July Campaign