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Always Remember Your Body Belongs To You

February 10, 2021

Mia The Diva

Hi Divas!

Ownership. Let’s talk about it. Our bodies are not leased or rented. They are owned by us from the day we are born. We only get one body in this life. Take care of it.

I had been treating my body like she didn’t matter. Like she didn’t have a say so l allowed my mind to control everything. There has to be balance what the mind thinks the body follows.

I had been in a negative space these past couple of years. Everything in my life had reached a tipping point. I would eat so l wouldn’t have to feel. Eventually my feelings could no longer fit my body.

Then l had a moment of truth in the mess of my life. I had a morning where everything was going wrong l just had enough no big event no major fall out. I just simply had enough and told myself l can’t do this to me anymore. I can not live like this anymore. I’m tired of feeling this way.

I’m all l’ve got.

Your past only has the power you give it.

In that moment l decided to live differently and reclaim my life. Reclaim my body and my life’s experience.

Like a house it requires commitment & maintenance. Our body requires us to make a commitment to make healthy choices & maintenance by keeping our body fit.

I had to ask myself; Are you going to treat your body like a shack or a mansion?

We are the owners of our bodies and our lives. We deserve the good good stuff for our temple.

Life is living a series of choices. Every new day is a new opportunity to make a better choice than the day before.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!

Mia The Diva

Founder & Creator Fly by July Campaign

What can you maintain? mmmmmkay.

February 3, 2021

Mia The Diva

Hi Divas!

Hello and welcome February! It’s been a week of overwhelm trying to fit all the things into a 24 hour period.

Places to go, people to see, things to do! The Philosophy of my 5th grade teacher, as an adult l now truly value the wisdom of that.

It got me thinking and budgeting my time as to what can l maintain? l always get overwhelmed end up burning out or quitting when starting something new in my life and getting back on program.

When l looked at those pink boxes fill up in my schedule on my phone. l had an honest look of where my time goes. How the days of my life are spent. Life is long as it is short. I definitely want to be out living my best life and not working into an early grave. Not a good look for a diva!

So this week l’m looking at my life of the things that l can maintain for the rest of my days and live in that. Starting my day drinking lemon water, celery juice, and detox smoothie as my base.

Slow & Steady is winning!

Be Healthy! Be Fabulous! Be You!

Mia The Diva

Founder & Creator Fly by July Campaign