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Don’t Let The Hard Days Win

May 23, 2022

Mia The Diva

I read post on my time line that was discussing political view points but ended with;

“ Anyway, never forget, even at your lowest point you’re living someone else’s dream.”

I have been back and forth with this blog for years. Somehow when things are off and get off track in my life. I always find my way back to this space. There is a saying that life will teach you the same lessons over and over until you learn them.

We all have to start somewhere. No matter where you are in life or for the purpose of this blog on your wellness journey you are Goals to someone out there and have a universal responsibility to show up in your life. I always joke with a friend of mine that she is “Goals” to me because she is able to wear dresses with her back out! LoL

A pivotal moment in any big girl’s wellness journey is not needing a seatbelt extender!

Do you know how many people can effortlessly fit comfortably in an airplane seat everyday who think their life and health are in shambles?

Perspective is everything. We all have our ish.

There are going to be some hard days some great days some WTF days. We are all living a version of someone’s best life but our hard days are the days that will ultimately define who we are and what we are made of.

One decision can change your entire life.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!

Mia The Diva

5 Ways to start Showing Up in Your Life!

May 4, 2022

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas,

We show up for everyone and everything. Who’s been there? Who is there?

How are you showing up for you? How we show up for ourselves is a direct reflection of the value we place on our lives.

I can only speak for myself but l’ve spent a great deal of my life showing up for everyone and everything but me. Even on my own wellness journey. There comes a point when a decision is made for you even when you do not make it on your own.

One of the many things l learned from my father was if you don’t make a decision a decision will be made for you. He was right. Look at your life. Is this what you want? What we are “ signing up “ for is a direct reflection of our choices.

So dear diva if you are stuck feeling some kind of way because someone hurt your feelings, upset you or maybe life isn’t going in the direction you want to go or maybe you’re doing things you don’t necessarily want to do take heart but it’s time to pull ourselves together!

It’s time to Do YOU however that looks.

Here are 5 ways to get started on Showing Up in your Life!

1. Know who TF you are. – We’ve all had that moment when someone or something got us pardon me .. …F**ckd up there really is no other words to use here. We’ve all had someone come at us crazy because they thought they could or walk all over you because we allowed it.

Did you feel hurt, angry and not say anything or did you check them on the spot?

Regardless of how you handled it bring that energy, bring her out on the regular and as needed reminders need to go out and everyone needs to be put on notice that you are here and that you are for real. Being that b*** comes with consequences.

2. You got this! Speak Life into yourself. – speak to yourself as you would your best friend. Nobody got you like you got you boo! Ummmkay. Enough people come at you crazy or try you. You are your own best Ally and protector.

After the age of 18 no one tells us to parent ourselves but we must become our own parent. Nobody is going to live this life for us, become your own Mama Bear guard yourself with your life.

3. What do you want? 2 years from now what is your ideal life? How does it look? What places are you going to? Who are you spending time with? What things are you doing? Really think about it. This is what we are showing up for after all. Our Lives.

4. Set Goals.– Yes goals, goals, goals an FBJ staple. Goals are our roadmap to get to where we want to go. Google SMART GOALS formula if you need help where to start or how to start setting some goals for yourself.

5. Take action on your goals daily! However that looks the little things we do everyday add up to big things over time. So this can be a life of doing Big Thangs or a life of Big Problems! You get to decide.

So make this TIME & make this LIFE work for you dear Diva, we can replace everything in life except for our loved ones & time.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You.

Mia The Diva