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2023 Bucket List • Fly by July Campaign

January 30, 2023

Mia The Diva

Hi Divas!

Happy New Year Everyone!🥂🖤 so who else tried to get their entire life together before midnight New Year’s Eve?

NYE 2022

Although l had intentions of being in these streets this NYE l opted to ring in the New Year quietly at home in my fanciest of leggings taking a few New Year’s selfies because this tiara is everything & binge streaming which was a nice change of pace because l don’t watch a whole lot of television.

It was a pretty full holiday season for me which l am grateful for and looking forward to that fresh start where we get this time of year to do this —-ALL —- over again. There’s always something optimistic and nostalgic starting a New calendar year.

I have a decent view of the strip and at midnight l ran out at midnight in the rain, wet and cold then drove around the corner to watch fireworks the one day it rains in Vegas lol.

Happy New Year. I’m back! I know it’s been a minute. It’s like the year ended for me when summer ended and my birthday came back in September.

It’s now winter. We got goals and as the saying goes Summer bodies are made in the winter.

The days just seem to be going by so fast these days, it’s hard to believe we have completed a whole year already it seems like 2022 was just one long weekend and my brain somehow is still stuck in 2020 it seems like time has just froze these past couple of years.

I started this year very early this morning as I am writing this on January 1st 2023 feeling refreshed, ready and hopeful of this year ahead.

To be transparent this whole holiday was great as it was tough for me to process some very hard residual emotions.

I’m not one to get emotional or depressed during the holidays but this year I think for the first time I allowed myself to feel ok with being a little down.

I kept myself busy and enjoyed time with friends. I had to get over this idea l had of the holidays. The holiday’s look different in this space of life that l am in and —— it’s ok.

It’s not what l was expecting in this space of life but what l’m learning is having expectations of things that are out of our control is the fast track to being down in the dumps.

To feel all the feels I realized I’ve been over-functioning since my Mom died 20 years ago this month. All the memories flooded that last holiday when she was alive. I understand now how young she was I was so young she was so young.

I’m in a stage of life that l am losing family members a change of the guard but it’s tough. Just when l think lve got this grief thing down l’m reminded that l don’t. I probably never will.

I look back at my life and took inventory of these past 20 years. I happened to have been in therapy at the time of my Mom’s death and I remember not crying and wondering why I was not crying when my mother had died.

My therapist at the time shared with me a truth bomb that helped me through my grieving process to this very day twenty years later.

She said that sometimes when we experience trauma our brains go into survival mode until it is safe to feel those emotions.

I remember years later I was crying at everything I seemed to see my mother everywhere but I also understood why I was going through what so I didn’t think I was losing my mind and going crazy. Side note: Therapy Rocks!! It doesn’t take away what happened to you but it helps you understand.

So as l enter this new year this new stage of life l will be living it on my terms. I’ve waisted so many years making other people and their bullsh*t my reality. Don’t nobody have time for that! Literally.

At the end of the day all we are left with is our feelings after people have did you dirty and have used you they will go on with their lives, so make sure you always feel your best. Do the things to be your best so that we can show up for ourselves and live the life that we truly want.

How we feel and how we show up for ourselves is one of the few things we actually have control over in this life, so make it work for you dear diva!

My 2023 Bucket List:

So traditionally a bucket list helps us maximize every moment of our existence and be able to live our lives out to the fullest.

A bucket list is all the things that we want to achieve before we die. The start of a new year is the perfect time to create one!

This year l decided to go more of the personal growth route but you honestly can create one for all aspects of your life like Travel, Health & Fitness, Career, Learning something new, relationships, all the way down to random things that you want to do. It’s your year you get to decide.

I challenge you to envision how you want your 2023 to look for you! Here’s my personal list below l took the non traditional route because l want to focus on my all around wellbeing.

1. Daily Gratitude – We hear this all the time but when are grateful for things it’s hard to get anxious, depressed or angry.

All day negative thoughts have been trying to get in my mind and l kick them right TF out!

2. Taking things one day at a time – There is no rush to the finish line. I’m learning that life is really about the unfolding of events and having deeper connections that help us grow into who we need to be.

3. Following my intuition – going with my gut! Sometimes l can overthink things to death and make myself sick over it. I have given my energy my attention to things that have far exceeded their shelf life. – Not a good look for a diva!

4. Spending more time with people that inspire & energize me. People either will energize, inspire, or drain you. Choose wisely.

5. Letting Go of Unrealistic expectations – Perfectionism has stalled so much of my life. The all or nothing approach has only set me up for the failure. The failure l was desperately trying to avoid ironically. I’m learning to work with my life and not against it.

6. Brain Breaks – Taking a brain break for a few minutes each day to give to myself. Especially working from home the days and my life all kind of run into each other. It’s so important to break up the day and give time back to myself.

7. Focusing on 3 simple goals – I use to over complicate trying to do everything at once every New Year only to get frustrated. Keeping my focus small & simple. A health goal, a personal goal, and career/financial goal.

8. Normalizing feeling sad – Sometimes we get down it’s a part of life. Sometimes we are up and have some pretty amazing days. I think it’s unrealistic and unhealthy to have the belief that things are to be good all the time.

When l’m having a moment I give myself 24 hours to be a sad bit*h then it’s time pull it back together.

I take it as a que like a check your engine light for something that’s not working in my life. It’s when we can’t pull out of it’s ok to get some professional help. Which l have done been there and actively doing.

Sadness no matter how painful has always given me the gift of clarity. It sucks when we’re in the thick of our expectations but the growth on the other side of painful experiences is priceless.

9. Booking my life – This year flew by and l have no idea how l really spent my time. I kind of found myself on this gerbal wheel of life lost, stuck, in a rut of poor habits and routines tired from being tired but nothing to show for it.

So anything l do it’s going on the calendar! The same for planning if it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t happen. I heard this quote “ lf you aim for nothing you will hit every time.” And l felt that to my core. Power Hour – Routines & Habits all 2023!

10. Allowing myself to be – Change is not easy as with a shifts l experience instead of resisting it l am willing to explore it.

My hope and goal this year is to live intentionally while still being in the moment. I challenge you to create your own 2023 Bucket List as we start this brand spanking’ New Year!

Be Healthy Be Fabulos Be You!

Mia The Diva