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10 Resolutions to Get ” Fiscally ” Fly

December 31, 2011

Mia The Diva

If you are like many the money just never seems to be  ” right “  If you are trying to pull it together and get your money Fit and Fly too read on dear diva!

1. Budget! Budget! Budget! 

Creating and Keeping a budget is the first step towards improving your finances.

It may help to open a second account to stick to your budget or even get a pre-paid debit card  to use so once the money is gone. It’s gone. and can help you stay in budget.

2. Set Financial Goals

Figure out your long term and short term financial goals.  A long term goal would be thinking about buying a home when you want to retire, saving for children’s college or for yourself.  A short term would be saving for a down payment for  a car or maybe you want  to go on a Fabulous Vacation next summer. Think about how much money you will need to do these things and achieve them.


3. Create an Emergency Fund 

No this does not mean if you ran out of base and need a refill from the MAC counter, well maybe lol.

What if you were unexpectedly unemployed? or What if you have a sudden drop in income.

It has been said by Professional Financial advisors to have 3 to 6 months of your living expenses saved to get through the tough times.

Stay Fly while on a DIME!

4. Pay down Credit Card Debt!

This one is a now brainer, but how are you paying off your credit cards a painless way to do this is to make your minimum payment plus the interest and will start to see those balances reduce.

FREEZE your cards if you have too a friend of mine does this and it works wonders for her!

5. Refinance to a low – rate home loan 

If  you a a diva that has good credit and owns a home, take advantage of today’s lowest rates! Save that extra money that normally would go to your mortgage.

6. Stop Impulse Buying

This is a difficult one for us divas, but to improve our finances we will need to place our needs before our wants. Put the Jimmy Choos DOWN!  Cry in silence and walk away. We will teach ourselves discipline needed for a better financial year.

7. Be a Smarter Car Buyer 

Negotiate Negotiate Negotaite! Divas are natural negotiators!

First get pre-qualified for a loan from your bank and buy that Baby in CASH!

CASH is King well QUEEN in a dealership.

If you are trading a car in keep that SEPERATE from all the negotiations handle it seperate.

Walk in there like you own the joint and exude your diva-powers!


8. Be Insured! 

Diva’s don’t do court dates!

Be sure you have the insurance you need for your home, apartment, car, life and any properties. It’s a way to protect lost income!

Purchase from a reputable company…. you don’t want to hear …. ”  Well, what had happen was…… ” should the time come when you need to file a claim.

9. Take advantage of employer savings plans

Divas this is FREE money!!! Especially if your employer matches what you contribute.

You don’t work for money  – Money works for YOU!  and it does not matter if you are getting some beauty sleep, a power nap, getting our nails and hair done. It pays to educate yourself learning how to invest our money.

If you know what to do with $1.00 you will know what to do with a million.


…….. Drum ROLL please

10. Prepare a Will! 

We want to go out in STYLE!

A will outlines exactly how your personal estate of funds, property, and personal affects will be distributed.

About half of all Americans die without a will

Leaving all your Cash and Stash in the courts and not to you and those you’ve left behind.

If you have young children this also allows you to choose your guardian so you can have peace of mind Crazy Aunt Suzie will not be raising your children.

There are online programs and also Lawyers provide these services.


Happy 2012!



Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


source: Balance Financial Fitness Program

Mom’s Make-up Kit does the trick!

December 30, 2011

Mia The Diva

Fabulous Friday’s Better Than Beauty Secrets!

Hello Beauties!

Becomming the Diva that you want to be takes time – and you are in the process of creating her everyday.

There is a saying that goes ” We teach the things we most need to learn ”

I know it may come as a shock to most but I have not always been this fabulous!

It took time, life experiences, and a little soul searching to discover my inner diva & it did not come easy.

When we are little girls we have an innocence and free-spirited nature gives us the freedom to play dress-up, wear our mother’s shoes, play in her make up, while wearing her fabulous boas and fancy hats!

We just exuded confidence and who we were without any judgement from ourselves or the world.

Once puberty hits the painful reality of how we look, how our bodies are shaped, if we are too fat or too thin, if
we are ” pretty enough ” and all the other ” expectations ” of being a female set in.

I challenge you to re-capture that free-spirited soul – she still lives within you.

The gift of being able to re-capture our child-like spirit is that we are now grown women and have the green
light to do whatever we want to do…………

…………and be as Diva-licious as we want to Be!


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

Wax That Apple Bottom!

December 29, 2011

Mia The Diva

Free Radicals vs. Antioxidants – The ugly Truth 

Hello Beauties!

Free Radicals are unstable molecules that damage our  body’s cells and tissues, so basically think of a sliced apple that is left out in the open air.

It turns brown right?


This is oxidative stress and Free Radicals are basically unstable molecules that cause us to ” rust ”  from the inside out.

This is a normal process of our bodily functions.  Cells die and new cells are constantly being re-generated as our bodies have a natural defense to combat in this process called oxidative stress. 

The problem is it that Free Radicals can become excessive when we are exposed to excessive sunlight, if we smoke, drink alchohol and eating high-fat fried foods.

Our bodies are under constant attack of oxidative stress on a daily basis regardless;  poor lifestyle choices and habits can overwhelm our body’s natural defenses causing oxidative stress and associated with declined in our health.

Just don’t blame it on the al – al -alco-alcohol….

Antioxidants combat this process so think of keeping your car waxed and shiny so the paint does not rust –

That’s what antioxidants do for our bodies it keeps us waxed, shiny and Diva-licious!  🙂

That is why antioxidants are soooo important to have in our diets!

So drink on that green-tea and enjoy!  Ocassional Wine is good too,  just  don’t be a lush!

It’s not a good look for a Diva 🙂 


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

If you are Good to your Body, it will be Good to you

December 28, 2011

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

The following is a guideline to use for a 60 minute work out routine

Every work out should start with at least 5 minute warm up for cardio – This reduces your chances of injury and warming up your muscles!

The next 50 minutes of your work out is the part that will make you sweat! So wrap up hair, sling it in a pony tail or put it in a bag because Divas are about to GET IT IN! 

Finally the cool-down every work out session should end with one so that you can bring your heart rate back to normal and get the blood flowing again to help reduce cardiac stress – This part of your exercise should involve stretching.

Personal Training Experts say that for effecting lasting transformation it’s a good idea to work out 5 times a week anything else can be conterproductive.

It is important to give your muscles a chance to rest and recover.

If you are good to your body, it will be good to you. 


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

Are your friends making you Fat?

December 27, 2011

Mia The Diva

When on the journey to making life changes along the way many people can become “threatened”  when we on on our way to making positive life changes and can sometimes sabotage our efforts; directly and indirectly.

The Food Pusher 

solution:  Acknowledge the behavior and let this person know that you are trying to lose weight and be healthy. Let them know what they can do to support you. 

If they continue to ignore your request don’t take it personal as people can be selfish and their need for approval far outweighs your need for support in your weight loss efforts. 

Hold your ground; at the end of the day your health is your responsibility. 

The ” Threatened ” Spouse/Friend/Family member

Time and time again I am sure we all have stories of people in our lives who may initially feel  ” threatened ” when we are on our way to to take the necessary steps to improve our health. They may do things like ” show – out ” when it’s time for you to go work out or go to the gym so that you are late. They may ask you to go our for ice-cream or pizza whatever your weakness is – is their someone in your life who is subtly sabotaging you on your way to optimal health on the down-low?

solution: It does not mean that this person does not care about you, they just may feel threatened. In an example a husband/boyfriend may feel that once you lose the weight and get healthier that you will find someone ” better ” 

(LoL maybe you will. Maybe you won’t )  he will just need to step up his ” A ”  game if he has not been treating you so nice or maybe calling you names that are not so nice. 

If he does treat you right – assure him that he is the ” apple -of- your-eye ”  include him in your journey . It may even bring the two of you even closer than ever before! 

If this person is still trippin’ you may need to reconsider your relationship & you may have to put your ” dueces up”

Lesson Ladies! ” Don not let anyone or anything get in our way of Getting ” Fly by July! ” That means for the sake of our own health and happiness continue to eat healthy – working out – and accomplishing your goals! 

The Hater

Yes haters do make the world go around, but sometimes we may not be in the mood to deal with their foolishness. The Hater is the person who always seems to be in ” competition ” with you.  The ones that want you to be heavier so they appear to be thinner. The one who always has to be one step ahead of you – a nicer car – a bigger house – a hotter boyfriend/husband – better weave – better hair… whatever, do you know or have anyone like that in your life?

solution: Evaluate the relationship. Is this someone that you really need in your life?  Is this an unhealthy relationship that just seems to hold you back? If you want to get out of this relationship and can … Dueces!             Go ahead and do it! 

What if this person is a family member or a co-worker?

Limit your contact and set FIRM boundaries.

You are way too Fabulous – Diva’s are sought after and are rare like precious stones – not everybody can shine like you shine and well….. dealing with haters is a part of the job. We have to extinguish them when they try to break a diva down because we’re not having that!

” Can I get a Fly Girl ” Hi Fly! ”  ohhhh yeaaaa! ”

You deserve to be surrounded by people who are supportive and want only the Best for you!

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva