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Are your friends making you Fat?

December 27, 2011

Mia The Diva

When on the journey to making life changes along the way many people can become “threatened”  when we on on our way to making positive life changes and can sometimes sabotage our efforts; directly and indirectly.

The Food Pusher 

solution:  Acknowledge the behavior and let this person know that you are trying to lose weight and be healthy. Let them know what they can do to support you. 

If they continue to ignore your request don’t take it personal as people can be selfish and their need for approval far outweighs your need for support in your weight loss efforts. 

Hold your ground; at the end of the day your health is your responsibility. 

The ” Threatened ” Spouse/Friend/Family member

Time and time again I am sure we all have stories of people in our lives who may initially feel  ” threatened ” when we are on our way to to take the necessary steps to improve our health. They may do things like ” show – out ” when it’s time for you to go work out or go to the gym so that you are late. They may ask you to go our for ice-cream or pizza whatever your weakness is – is their someone in your life who is subtly sabotaging you on your way to optimal health on the down-low?

solution: It does not mean that this person does not care about you, they just may feel threatened. In an example a husband/boyfriend may feel that once you lose the weight and get healthier that you will find someone ” better ” 

(LoL maybe you will. Maybe you won’t )  he will just need to step up his ” A ”  game if he has not been treating you so nice or maybe calling you names that are not so nice. 

If he does treat you right – assure him that he is the ” apple -of- your-eye ”  include him in your journey . It may even bring the two of you even closer than ever before! 

If this person is still trippin’ you may need to reconsider your relationship & you may have to put your ” dueces up”

Lesson Ladies! ” Don not let anyone or anything get in our way of Getting ” Fly by July! ” That means for the sake of our own health and happiness continue to eat healthy – working out – and accomplishing your goals! 

The Hater

Yes haters do make the world go around, but sometimes we may not be in the mood to deal with their foolishness. The Hater is the person who always seems to be in ” competition ” with you.  The ones that want you to be heavier so they appear to be thinner. The one who always has to be one step ahead of you – a nicer car – a bigger house – a hotter boyfriend/husband – better weave – better hair… whatever, do you know or have anyone like that in your life?

solution: Evaluate the relationship. Is this someone that you really need in your life?  Is this an unhealthy relationship that just seems to hold you back? If you want to get out of this relationship and can … Dueces!             Go ahead and do it! 

What if this person is a family member or a co-worker?

Limit your contact and set FIRM boundaries.

You are way too Fabulous – Diva’s are sought after and are rare like precious stones – not everybody can shine like you shine and well….. dealing with haters is a part of the job. We have to extinguish them when they try to break a diva down because we’re not having that!

” Can I get a Fly Girl ” Hi Fly! ”  ohhhh yeaaaa! ”

You deserve to be surrounded by people who are supportive and want only the Best for you!

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

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