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Motivation Monday – It’s common to start a weight loss program and not finish it

December 19, 2011

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!

Have you ever wanted to start a fitness or weight-loss program then started it, were good for a couple of weeks or even months and then ” BAM” right back at where you started? Back to the same old eating habits, stop going to the gym, back to life as you knew it? What kept you going?

What made you stop?

It’s great to be inspired to want to make changes in your life it’s another to be motivated to continue.

Motivation has to go far beyond the immeadiate, ” I want to be a size____ ” or ” I want to look hot for ______ ” or ” I want to date again ” even ” I want to make my husband/boyfriend happy.. ” find me more attractive, etc. Dear Diva, motivation if far beyond that, nothing last forever so why not put your diligence and efforts into yourself first and then the rest shall follow.

Motivation comes from within. Motivation is what keeps you going on the days that you do not want to get out of bed. The days that you want to just give up. The days when you are so tired that your body just does not want to go any further. Motivation is what gets you our of bed, what makes you try harder when you want to give up, and what makes you want to continue to push your body further when your mind wants you to stop.

Maybe you want to lose weight and get fit becasue you want your body to be healthy and strong; maybe you want to be around to grow old with your spouse or to see your children grow and grandchildren born, maybe you want to have more energy so that you can live your life instead of sleeping it away or wasting away on the couch. Maybe you want to live a healthier lifestyle to become pregnant or play with your kids without getting winded, maybe you are battling a disease and want to fight back by living a healthier lifestyle……..maybe you just want your life back.
I can go on and on but you get the idea.

You have to think about what makes you tick? What is it that gets you all fired up inside?
What draws you like a moth to a flame? Think about it you are fighting for your Life here!

What is your life’s worth?

Think about your life, what are your values? What is your purpose? What are your goals? What are your plans?

Life goes far beyond that magic dress size.

Happiness is not a state of size. It’s a state of mind.


Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva