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I Loooove it!!!

” Appreciate all you did to help with keeping me on track. ” – Susan Pacheco-Jones, August 2013

1 pacheco

” I was out of the gym for almost 16 months!!!I know right, and im a dude that was hitting the gym up for years and dieting like crazy.

Now I have that motivation and drive that i was lacking, thanks to FBJ Divas..Seriously!!Even though I dont post all the time and sometimes Im slipo n on the weekly challenges(my bad Mia Thee-Diva)im still here and in the gym.

Yamilet Rodriguez and Mia invited me in and Im glad I accepted the invite because it was exactly what I needed..Seeing all the ladies motivated me and flipped a switch in my head and now my butt is in full effect at the gym again and I love it. ”

Thanks DIVAS!!!! – Matt Jones, May 2013


” Down 14 lbs 25% of my weight loss goal I love the support of my family, friends, Diva Fitness members, Fly by July members, & My Fitness Pal whooo hooooo and of course my nutritionist Saadia and all the motivation from Nicky & Jessica  – @Saadia you don’t play you be on my helmet what did you eat today lol rolls eyes jk jk @Mia your group has helped me tremendously stay motivated @Jessica thank you and you know how proud I am of your results thanks for all the pics @Joe thanks I’m working hard changed my eating habits and working out has me feeling like I’ll win this fight after all thank you for everything. ”

– Brandi Towner, March 2012







” I Love what you are doing btw! ”   – Dimora Lawrence,  February 2012






” Hi Mia!! I started to inbox you, then give you permission, IF you asked to post it, but this is from me, for you, and its so completely NOT anonymously!! Diva, Thank you for FBJ!!! Thank you for the AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PROUD HONEST AND PERFECT likespirited divas that I’ve come to know through you, thank you for this HARD fought 9 lbs gone so far!! Thanks to all the Divas who come to The Page, who post all the articles, recipes, results, failures, accomplishments shortcomings and triumphs!! WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!! ”

– Marlana Knight, February 2012







” After a great work out , I always feel good!!! I’m very happy to have a great support group by me…Mia, thank you for creating Fly By July health and fitness support group..Ladies , great job tonight! ”

– Doris Orantes, February 2012



” Love what ur doing lady ”  – Constanza Yael Nordenflycht-Prado make up artist & hair dresser, February 2012







” Hey Mia thanks girl love the campaign ” – Brandi Towner, February 2012



” So proud of my lovely friend Mia and her new Campaign……These words certainly helped me on today and has brought me to the realization that you should always have time to see about YOU!!! There is so much time in the day to do all the things we are responsible to do while still making time to do those things we WANT to do to get recharged, take care of our BODIES, OUR MINDS, OUR SPIRITS, OUR SOULS! Prioritize your day, be thankful of every minute and every hour, use your time wisely and I am sure you will be amazed at how you FEEL… Mia thank you sooo much for the words of wisdom and ladies on my page I encourage you to be a part of this campaign! I know I am!!!! : ) ”

– Thamani Godbolt, Poet February 2012




” Heck Yeah!! You go ladies:)  “- Salaama T. Milligan, Poet  February 2012








” GIRL put in that late night work… 😉 I’m right here up witcha mama… get it get it!! FLY BY JULY IN DA HOUUUUSEEEE!!!!! ” 

– Naiomi Shuemate author, actress & co-founder of Shue Fit & Conditioning December, 2011












Excited about the Fly By July Campaign…can’t wait until Kick Off! Shue Fit plans to bring some fun and educational activiites to the table!
– Sean Shuemate  Personal Trainer, author, & Founder and CEO of Shue Fit & Conditioning, December 2011

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