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10 Resolutions to Get ” Fiscally ” Fly

December 31, 2011

Mia The Diva

If you are like many the money just never seems to be  ” right “  If you are trying to pull it together and get your money Fit and Fly too read on dear diva!

1. Budget! Budget! Budget! 

Creating and Keeping a budget is the first step towards improving your finances.

It may help to open a second account to stick to your budget or even get a pre-paid debit card  to use so once the money is gone. It’s gone. and can help you stay in budget.

2. Set Financial Goals

Figure out your long term and short term financial goals.  A long term goal would be thinking about buying a home when you want to retire, saving for children’s college or for yourself.  A short term would be saving for a down payment for  a car or maybe you want  to go on a Fabulous Vacation next summer. Think about how much money you will need to do these things and achieve them.


3. Create an Emergency Fund 

No this does not mean if you ran out of base and need a refill from the MAC counter, well maybe lol.

What if you were unexpectedly unemployed? or What if you have a sudden drop in income.

It has been said by Professional Financial advisors to have 3 to 6 months of your living expenses saved to get through the tough times.

Stay Fly while on a DIME!

4. Pay down Credit Card Debt!

This one is a now brainer, but how are you paying off your credit cards a painless way to do this is to make your minimum payment plus the interest and will start to see those balances reduce.

FREEZE your cards if you have too a friend of mine does this and it works wonders for her!

5. Refinance to a low – rate home loan 

If  you a a diva that has good credit and owns a home, take advantage of today’s lowest rates! Save that extra money that normally would go to your mortgage.

6. Stop Impulse Buying

This is a difficult one for us divas, but to improve our finances we will need to place our needs before our wants. Put the Jimmy Choos DOWN!  Cry in silence and walk away. We will teach ourselves discipline needed for a better financial year.

7. Be a Smarter Car Buyer 

Negotiate Negotiate Negotaite! Divas are natural negotiators!

First get pre-qualified for a loan from your bank and buy that Baby in CASH!

CASH is King well QUEEN in a dealership.

If you are trading a car in keep that SEPERATE from all the negotiations handle it seperate.

Walk in there like you own the joint and exude your diva-powers!


8. Be Insured! 

Diva’s don’t do court dates!

Be sure you have the insurance you need for your home, apartment, car, life and any properties. It’s a way to protect lost income!

Purchase from a reputable company…. you don’t want to hear …. ”  Well, what had happen was…… ” should the time come when you need to file a claim.

9. Take advantage of employer savings plans

Divas this is FREE money!!! Especially if your employer matches what you contribute.

You don’t work for money  – Money works for YOU!  and it does not matter if you are getting some beauty sleep, a power nap, getting our nails and hair done. It pays to educate yourself learning how to invest our money.

If you know what to do with $1.00 you will know what to do with a million.


…….. Drum ROLL please

10. Prepare a Will! 

We want to go out in STYLE!

A will outlines exactly how your personal estate of funds, property, and personal affects will be distributed.

About half of all Americans die without a will

Leaving all your Cash and Stash in the courts and not to you and those you’ve left behind.

If you have young children this also allows you to choose your guardian so you can have peace of mind Crazy Aunt Suzie will not be raising your children.

There are online programs and also Lawyers provide these services.


Happy 2012!



Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


source: Balance Financial Fitness Program

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