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What can you maintain? mmmmmkay.

February 3, 2021

Mia The Diva

Hi Divas!

Hello and welcome February! It’s been a week of overwhelm trying to fit all the things into a 24 hour period.

Places to go, people to see, things to do! The Philosophy of my 5th grade teacher, as an adult l now truly value the wisdom of that.

It got me thinking and budgeting my time as to what can l maintain? l always get overwhelmed end up burning out or quitting when starting something new in my life and getting back on program.

When l looked at those pink boxes fill up in my schedule on my phone. l had an honest look of where my time goes. How the days of my life are spent. Life is long as it is short. I definitely want to be out living my best life and not working into an early grave. Not a good look for a diva!

So this week l’m looking at my life of the things that l can maintain for the rest of my days and live in that. Starting my day drinking lemon water, celery juice, and detox smoothie as my base.

Slow & Steady is winning!

Be Healthy! Be Fabulous! Be You!

Mia The Diva

Founder & Creator Fly by July Campaign

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