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Got Goals?

July 5, 2015

Mia The Diva


Hey Divas!

Welcome to a New Week!

Fail to plan and plan to fail I’m not sure who the saying is from but it holds a lot of wisdom. There is no ” winging ” it on a lifestyle change I have certainly gone full circle a couple of times and nothing changes until we change.

I think of having goals is like road map of where to go and what to do. We do not have to be at the finish line but we do have to see progress and that’s why it’s important to have goals.

This week’s challenge is to discover your goal what is your ultimate goal for your wellness journey what do you want out of it where do you want to go what do you want to do.

What will you do when you reach your goal. What are you wearing? Where are you? Who are you visiting with? What are you eating? What is your daily routine? Picture yourself already there.

I challenge you divas to really think about it envision it make it real.

When thinking of your ultimate goal keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Be specific what do you want?
2. How will you measure this goal?
3. Is your goal attainable?
4. Keep it real is your goal realistic?
5. What is the time frame that you are giving yourself to reach your goal?

What is your Ultimate Health Goal?
Please share in the comments below

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!
Mia The Diva
Founder & Creator
Fly By July Campaign

5 Ways to Promote Healthy Poop!

July 2, 2015

Mia The Diva


Hey Divas!

Let’s face it digestion is the key having a healthy lifestyle! No matter how healthy we are eating if our digestion is jacked up it can cause some problems when trying to lose and maintain weight.

The digestion system is basically a big tube called the esophagus the food goes down this tube and then through a valve to our stomach to the small intestine where we get the nutritional value of whatever it was we ate from there it moves to the large intestine this is where water is absorbed to sustain life and then from there the rest goes out the ” poop-shoot ” and into the toilet!

When the process is working the way it should you feel fabulous and fancy free when it’s not you’re shoot in bricks or pooping a river!#notagoodlookforadiva

Here are five ways that you can ensure that your digestion is working and that your internal organization is a smooth running machine!

1.Chew Your Food Divas!
Slow your role we’re asking our stomachs to do the most when we inhale food it can not process it fast enough.

2. Watch Portion Size! Prior to our ” Fly By July ” mission we may have eaten a lot and caused for our stomachs to stretch so it’s use to getting the stretch everyday in the beginning or eating less food you can be hungry for a couple of days before the nerve ending around our stomach shrinks back. Persevere Divas!

3. Do Not Drink while Eating! So that your stomach acid can do what it needs to do and break down food also a great tip to promote optimal stomach acid is to Lemon Juice and a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to help stimulate the production of stomach acid.

4. Take a quality probiotic! Our body needs a balance of good and bad bacteria to digest food. Going back to why it’s important to chew your food if we inhale food our bacteria does not digest it so it basically ferments in our body and we pass gas and fart to levels unknown to mankind! It stinks. This can also happen if we do not have high enough levels of acid in our stomach. A quality probiotic promotes healthier digestion and trips to throne with ease.

5. Get a handle on STRESS! When we are stressed out our bodies make Adrenaline because it thinks it’s in danger. Now because we are not running away from bears or typically our life is not physically our body creates Cortisol to help us feel good and chill out and we end up craving fat filled food and gain weight. Yoga is a great way to de-stress and connect with your inner diva or even an after dinner walk or maybe even catch up with an old friend. Take a bubble bath whatever it is do you unplug and de-stress Dear Diva!

I love to add my probiotic in my smoothies!

If you suffer from constipation or irregular bowel movements you need some probiotics in your life!

I use USANA’s probiotic because it is dairy-free sugar free and gluten-free! It’s designed to support digestion and healthy immune function. 😉

click here to purchase from my USANA Store

Set your Poo Free Divas!

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You
Mia The Diva
Founder & Creator
Fly By July Campaign

#FlyByJuly365! One Year to Wellness!

July 1, 2015

Mia The Diva


Hey Divas!

Thank you for being so patient with me during my time away. I had unforeseen circumstances come about as I have been restarting my wellness journey but I have not let the set backs stop me!

I’m excited to be launching a different kind of Campaign this year. It’s designed for anyone who is DEMANDING CHANGE in their LIFE!

I’m on a mission to promote that ” Healthy is the New Skinny! ” and I’m taking all the Divas/Vo’s who want to join me on this Fantastic Voyage! During the next 365 days starting from July 1st 2015 to July 1st 2016!

How it works:


In order to participate in the Campaign you must Exercise & Eat Clean!

Be sure to Subscribe to my RSS feed Weekly Challenges will post on the blog every Sunday!

No magic wraps, magic pills or drops! Our focus is balance and nutrition! 

You can join the challenge at any time but best to start July 1st for maximum results! We are striving to be Fly By July 2016! This lifestyle change is not easy and it takes breaking into so be easy on yourself and stay on the course Dear Diva!

Let’s Get Fly By July Divas!!! 2016!! #FlyByJuly365

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You
Mia The Diva
Founder & Creator
Fly By July Campaign