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Work it Out Wednesday: Match your Workout with your Personality

March 7, 2012

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

” Anybody can be a hottie if they work at it. ” – Larysa Dido Olympian Personal Trainer 

Do you find it hard to stick to a work out regimen do you quickly get burned out going to the gym or walking the same route everyday doing the same ole same ole of what you think you are ” suppose ” to do to work out?

The truth is a lot of us are in the dark when it comes to working out we really do not know where to start so we just do something to get moving! This is get to get up off the couch however to stay motivated and to keep momentum it’s important to take the time and find a program that works for you!

1. When I’m told I must do something I….

A. Hop to it!  I respond well to directions and set plan. 

B. Bristle. Taking orders feels stressful and uncreative

2. Which mind/body philosophy speaks to you? 

A. I’m happy once I hit a set target. Achieving results gives me the incentive to keep going. 

B. If I am happy. weight loss will follow . I need to be in a good head space to be active. 

3. I am more likely to stick with a work out if it….

A. Leaves me sweaty and breathless. That way I know I worked hard!

B. Doesn’t feel like work. Fun and stress relief are foremost! 

4. Stepping on the scale is…

A. A helpful check. I like to know my weight so I can tell if I should change my behavior. 

B. A no-no I’d rather focus on how I feel to gauge progress. 

5. Which fitness philosophy do you most agree with? 

A. I work out to keep my body strong, healthy and fit. 

B. My work out is more than a way to tone; It keeps me feeling whole, calm and grounded. 

Tally Your Score! 

If you are mostly A’s your work out type is: Bootcamp!

You want Results!

Your motto is: Go hard or Go Home!  Push!

Your goal: To burn off as many calories as possible in minimal time.

Your slim down weapons: Fast effective cardio drills and multi-taking toners.

You’re more likely to keep up momentum with a no-nonsense taskmaster who lays down the law.  You’re a wild diva who needs to be tamed! Grrrrwwwwlll!!

If you are mostly B’s your work out type is: Freestyle ( put the needle on the record! ) 

You want to incorporate designated chill time along with your work out to keep you balanced.

Your motto is: Feel good, look Fabulous! Fun leads to fitness!

Your goal to be so engaged you don’t even realize the calories are melting away.

Your slim down secrets: Yoga moves that chill you out and tone you up!

You’re a diva who is in for the long hall you want a work out that you can do from your 20’s to your 90’s you are a diva who wants a lifestyle change not a quick fix. 

So do some research and find a workout plan that you can stick with if you get burned out change it up a bit but find activities that match your personality to ensure long-term success!


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


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