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How to Get Confidence

July 18, 2014

Mia The Diva


Hey Divas!

Confidence. It’s so freaking sexy. Everybody wants it but does know exactly how to get it. Having confidence opens doors that no other can open. It allows a diva to do whatever she pleases and live a life without constant fear of failure. It allows a diva to have self-worth and not give into other people’s bullshit.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I remain so confident what’s the secret how do you do it. It amazes me that people are surprised when a plus sized person has confidence and dresses well that it is so foreign to them.

Divas for one there is no secret to confidence like anything else it is a skill that can be learned. I’m not confident everyday there are days when I am down but “acting” confident can have an effect on your mood uplift you and effect those around you so share! Make it a habit! We can form all kinds of habits why not allow being confident one of them.

When a diva is confident she runs the show she calls the shots she takes a bow because she is center stage when ever she wants to be, whenever she chooses to be. A confident diva does not have to disappear into the background.

So how does a diva get it?

Think positive, everybody has problems no one wants to hear a diva belly ache #notagoodlook for a diva.

What have you achieved in the last year, last five years that had you like yea that’s me bitches!!!

What are you most proud of? How did it make you feel?

What are you good at brag post it up on Instagram and hashtag # that out!

In general when people compliment you, what do they say?

Keep it positive divas your proudest moments and accomplishments is your value and is your confidence mojo!

Be Healthy Be Fabulous!
Mia The a Diva
Founder & Fly Girl Coach