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What is the hardest lesson you had to learn?

Hey Divas,

The school of life! One thing my father always said about life is that no one makes it out alive.

The hardest lesson l have learned is acceptance. At some point you just have to let go of how you thought life should have happened and live in what is happening.

There is a freedom in living in the reality of what life is serving us. I’m like ok what’s next? There is nothing strong about survival we all have it within us when push comes to shove you will do what you gotta do. Innately we all have strength.

My biggest regrets and disappointments of life was expecting me from other people and not making myself a priority. We will get taught the same lessons over and over in life until we learn.

Halloween 🎃 this past week. Giving all the Chinchilla Vibes.

So here l am in this space of life. I almost feel like l’m in middle school again. Middle of life. Makes sense. This time around l’m living life with cliff notes. l’m not in a rush to figure it all out but just living my life and doing the things that bring me joy.

Everything is eventual. Eventually we will end up where we need to be, with who we are meant to be with and doing the things that we are supposed to be doing.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You

Mia The Diva

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