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Hot Girl Summer Goals & Hoochie Daddy short shorts! How did we do?

June 15, 2022

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas,

Summer is here!

Have we reached our Hot Girl Summer Goals Divas? Fly Guys, how we sportin those short shorts?

The burning question: Can I reshape my body in my forties? So as of the end of the summer I will be on the other side of 40. As I approach my 45th trip around the sun by the end of summer I don’t know the short answer to this question for me but I am willing to make this body do what it does this next round.

So last year I set out a goal and created a whole IG account dedicated to my personal wellness journey so much has happened in a year although I have made great strides. I find myself physically in the same space I was a year ago.

Not a good look for a diva! 

The point is Life is going to happen. Sh*t is going to happen. I would find myself pausing after every life kick up and set back.

Life is going to happen, there will always be something and things will not always go as planned. It’s in the unexplained, the unexpected and the things that just do not make any sense is where we find our stride.

Sometimes we have to humble ourselves and put down our super hero capes, our fantasy of life was to be and just be like hey, I’m here. I’m alive. As long as I have breath in my body there are things that I need to be doing.

My presence is enough. All we have to do is live and die. It really isn’t that complicated NOT survive and die but LIVE and die.

Giving myself some grace. I have learned so much this past year and will be going in with an eyes wide open approach.

I’ve learned the stuff and have done the things not starting over but starting again. Knowledge means absolutely nothing if you are not putting it into action.

So here we are a fresh start again, we can always begin to begin again but your girl is tired.

This will definitely be a year of focus and I focus on not only my body but my whole life. I invite you as I go on this journey for the next 365 days so if you are in a space of life that you just need to get it together this is the space for you, the space for us. 

So if you’re just getting into your 40’s or it’s near looming in the bushes or maybe you’re knee deep in your 40’s like me or maybe you’re about to wrap this decade like a Christmas Tree heading into that Fabulous 50 season this is our time Divas! 

We have had our good times, the love of our life, the family or desired having one at one point, we have made the mistakes, have lost loved ones, have had our hearts broken, have learned the lessons & have ultimately grown-up.

We are here ladies. We are here.

Fly Guys this message applies to you too! We see you and them “ Hoochie Daddy short shorts. ”

I use the word heal and healing sparingly because we were never broken. 

We grow & We grown. Yea I said it. 

I totally feel like I have super powers in this space of life. I feel the most comfortable in my skin and self assured. I have a complete acceptance of life and it’s f___kery.

AND you know what.

– It’s ok.

Like the saying goes it is what it is until it’s not.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!

Mia The Diva

Just Start.

April 10, 2015

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

I’ve missed you Ladies! Summer is around the corner it’s about that time!

Warning: Long Post!

It’s been a minute and I hope that everyone is doing Fabulous on their health & wellness journeys! As we all know with this lifestyle change there is no straight arrow to success there are stops and curves and scribbles and circles before we get to where we want to be and I’m learning that the process is the fun part what a story we will have to share with one another!

I had to take a step back in order to take a step forward in my life. I had to prioritize what is truly important to me and carry on the work that God has called me to do.

When we abandon our calling not intentionally but more of getting in our own way and pursuing a life the way we think it’s suppose to be lived. In my experience this  leads to disaster and feeling ” lost ” in this world.

If you are blessed to know your calling embrace it. If you don’t know your calling seek it. The only way you will find it is when you never pass up an opportunity and love everything! You will know you have found your sweet spot when you not only love what you do but you are passionate about it.

Embracing your calling is a gift and unique to you and only you so share with the world! We are all here to build to connect and to grow with one another.

So in short, I’m still here and so is Fly by July! I’ve experienced and experiencing medical challenges recently that I will be sharing in future post so this season Fly by July 2015 I will be focusing on documenting my journey we all know how this social media thing works LoL

If you don’t know now you know… ( In my Biggie Smalls voice )

You are more than welcomed to join me on my journey to health and freedom! Get plugged in and follow on social media everything ( the main ones )  is flybyjuly or @flybyjuly depending on your network of choice. I will be sure to follow you back let’s hold each other accountable and get FLY! I’m starting on Monday April 13th – July 13th you can join in at anytime!

How it Works:


This entire campaign is truly a passion and dream of mine that I’m not giving up on because everyone deserves to feel beautiful and needs support in one form or another when starting and continuing a healthy lifestyle, not everyone in the world is down for eating Kale Steaks and taking a swig of green smoothies on the daily. PLUS who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of living a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!

Like having a beautiful body that you are proud of a body that you earned. Having the energy to play with your kids, grandkids, husbands boyfriends and boo-thangs or even just having the energy to enjoy a Ladies Night with your girls.

Having the energy to go anywhere and do anything that your heart desires! It could be having the confidence to date again going for a job promotion or even possibly starting your own business! The world is your oyster divas and the possibilities are endless it doesn’t matter where you are in life if it be in your 20’s 30’s 40’s and beyond.

If we’re not growing we’re slowly dying and who’s trying to die!?! #notagoodlookforadiva Nobody has time for that right now we all have full lives ahead of us to live!

A brand new Fabulous Life awaits those who desire to seek it!

I don’t know of anyone who desires to get heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. we can not stop disease from striking us but we can take care of ourselves so that we have the best defense should it strike!

So when you are ready to makeover your lifestyle you will know it!

Just Start!

Be Healthy.Be Fabulous .Be You

Mia The Diva

Creator & Founder

Fly by July Campaign