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Heavily Meditated

April 11, 2022

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas,

So here we are 70+ days into meditation practicing. Shout out to Teresa, Diva Spice with a lil Chai for getting me hip to guided meditation zoning in to zone out.

Breath is life. We would die if we go more than 5 minutes or so without it. None of this life is happening without breath. Practicing meditation has taught me that.

I had done some hot yoga years ago it was my first introduction to meditation then just really started learning about it for the past year or so.

I recently started practicing daily for a little over a month now when l rise, a mid day when l can and before bed.

I’ve logged over 3k hours that’s a whoooooolllle Lottta “ Whoooosa”

I definitely needed to take a step back. I was in a space of feeling overwhelmed, resentful, and overall sense of being stuck in my life. I’ve spent my entire adult life catering to everyone and everything but me. – Not a good look for a Diva!

It left me feeling taken for granted and l felt used most of the time. I had to be honest with myself that 75% of my motivation was people pleasing. Then l woke up and realized l don’t owe anyone anything as they don’t owe me.

When we lose people in our life by death or by choice it leaves room. It leaves space. I’ve learned to embrace the emptiness l even welcome it most of the time. I ask myself ok, what’s next?

Honestly All I have to do is live and die and l plan on doing just that. Keeping it Fly n Fabulous! Of course.

Daily Meditation has given me the gift of how to fill the holes of my soul. lt has given me the gift of truly loving myself. It is the most private intimate experience to have with yourself just being present with your breath and in tune with your body. It truly means to surrender to the moment.

To my surprise l am able to meditate in as little of 5 minutes to 15 minutes. It is the ultimate form of self care, self love but most importantly self compassion.

When we love on ourselves it literally flows into every aspect of our life. The overflow goes to everyone and everything instead of us pulling from ourselves. It pulls us within ourselves. Having an awareness of self gives us choices.

To overextended ourselves and not have any boundaries is the ultimate betrayal. The betrayal of self. Anyone can turn their back on you. People will disappoint you. It’s Life. To turn your back on yourself is the ultimate betrayal because you will never rise higher than your own standards.

I challenge you to stop. To pause. To take a deep breath in of all the goodness in your life and exhale all of what is no longer serving you in your life! Lay down and line up those chakra stones and gets to breathing dear diva!

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!


Mia The Diva

Just Start.

April 10, 2015

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

I’ve missed you Ladies! Summer is around the corner it’s about that time!

Warning: Long Post!

It’s been a minute and I hope that everyone is doing Fabulous on their health & wellness journeys! As we all know with this lifestyle change there is no straight arrow to success there are stops and curves and scribbles and circles before we get to where we want to be and I’m learning that the process is the fun part what a story we will have to share with one another!

I had to take a step back in order to take a step forward in my life. I had to prioritize what is truly important to me and carry on the work that God has called me to do.

When we abandon our calling not intentionally but more of getting in our own way and pursuing a life the way we think it’s suppose to be lived. In my experience this  leads to disaster and feeling ” lost ” in this world.

If you are blessed to know your calling embrace it. If you don’t know your calling seek it. The only way you will find it is when you never pass up an opportunity and love everything! You will know you have found your sweet spot when you not only love what you do but you are passionate about it.

Embracing your calling is a gift and unique to you and only you so share with the world! We are all here to build to connect and to grow with one another.

So in short, I’m still here and so is Fly by July! I’ve experienced and experiencing medical challenges recently that I will be sharing in future post so this season Fly by July 2015 I will be focusing on documenting my journey we all know how this social media thing works LoL

If you don’t know now you know… ( In my Biggie Smalls voice )

You are more than welcomed to join me on my journey to health and freedom! Get plugged in and follow on social media everything ( the main ones )  is flybyjuly or @flybyjuly depending on your network of choice. I will be sure to follow you back let’s hold each other accountable and get FLY! I’m starting on Monday April 13th – July 13th you can join in at anytime!

How it Works:


This entire campaign is truly a passion and dream of mine that I’m not giving up on because everyone deserves to feel beautiful and needs support in one form or another when starting and continuing a healthy lifestyle, not everyone in the world is down for eating Kale Steaks and taking a swig of green smoothies on the daily. PLUS who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of living a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!

Like having a beautiful body that you are proud of a body that you earned. Having the energy to play with your kids, grandkids, husbands boyfriends and boo-thangs or even just having the energy to enjoy a Ladies Night with your girls.

Having the energy to go anywhere and do anything that your heart desires! It could be having the confidence to date again going for a job promotion or even possibly starting your own business! The world is your oyster divas and the possibilities are endless it doesn’t matter where you are in life if it be in your 20’s 30’s 40’s and beyond.

If we’re not growing we’re slowly dying and who’s trying to die!?! #notagoodlookforadiva Nobody has time for that right now we all have full lives ahead of us to live!

A brand new Fabulous Life awaits those who desire to seek it!

I don’t know of anyone who desires to get heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. we can not stop disease from striking us but we can take care of ourselves so that we have the best defense should it strike!

So when you are ready to makeover your lifestyle you will know it!

Just Start!

Be Healthy.Be Fabulous .Be You

Mia The Diva

Creator & Founder

Fly by July Campaign