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All that Hype on Body Types!

January 8, 2013

Mia The Diva

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Hello Beauties!

So we here all about body types as you know we have our lovely apple divas, pear divas and hourglass divas but what does it all really mean.
We are in the driver’s seat divas! We are ready to make it happen we are making our lifestyle changes, we’re getting Fly and even a little full of ourselves as we double kiss our reflction in the rear view mirror. When we turn the key and hit the gas but then while driving we don’t know where we are going???

# not a good look for a diva!

When we are in tune with our body shape and understand our body type it’s like having an internal GPS to the the destination of Flyness and Fitness for Life!

There are three main body types Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

Ecto divas are our “ dainty divas “ they have a classic slim shape have lean muscle mass they can wear just about anything they want and we envy them but love them all at the same time. These divas find it hard to gain weight , they love but all at the same time envy the meso hourglass diva( it’s a vicious cycle.) and have the metabolism of about kilo of kryptonite! Since these divas burn calories faster than a speeding bullet they need calories by the crates to put on some extra weight to get a lil junk in the trunk and put wonder bras out of business!

It’s recommended that these divas eat before bed because when we rest is a time that the body restores itself and muscle tissues breakdown and grow. Typically ecto divas do not have “ fat storage “ so the body will literally eat away at itself in attempts to find stored energy during sleep time – so these lucky divas get to enjoy those late night meals * Cheers! *

The next diva Meso divas our “Power House divas “ are typically of a athletic build kinda like a brick house and have well defined muscles. These divas are strong; they can bench press about a dozen ecto-divas while wearing stilletos and not sweating their hair out.
She gains muscle like “ what “ .

These divas are a Force to be Reckoned with! They the Meso diva can sometimes get a little full of herself and her flyness so she may stop working out and not watching what she eats because she’s got it like that her body is a fat burning muscle machine ……and then a week later she make get back into “ the chicken” starts having late night meals with the ecto divas and then “ poof “ she gains weight faster than you can stuff a Thanksgiving Turkey!

This diva body type does well with weight traning. They gain muscle quickly and see the flyness creep back almost overnight especially for the beginners. Meso divas have to be careful when they roll with the ecto divas during those late nights because they gain fat with a quick-ness once they are off program. These divas go “ beast “ with a workout that is combo of weight training and aerobics.

Then we have the Endo Diva our “ Soft and Sensual “ divas. These divas are of a shorter and “ stocky “ build they have a supple soft round body. These divas like the Meso’s gain fat very easily. It is hard for them to lose fat, their muscles are not well defined and have a slow metabolism.

These divas have thick arms and powerful upper leg muscles – These divas can out squat you like nobody’s business!
When these divas train they gain weight easily, a large portion of the weight is fat not muscle. These divas have to have a balance of cardio and weights and these divas can benefit from a diet high in protein to help retain muscle.

Take heart divas not all body types are set in stone this is just a general guideline so that you have an idea of where you are at. Take the time to learn your body type and the best foods for you. It’s really not all about counting calories, eating tic-tacs & acai berries like a lab rat, working out for hours and hours until you pass out from starvation – dehydration and exhaustion. It’s about doing YOU dear diva and giving your body the fuel that it needs. Eating the right food is like putting the proper octane of gas in your cars make sure your body is fueled with the right octane!

Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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