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What Makes You Happy?

October 26, 2020

Mia The Diva

“Are you happy? “ she asked. I recently caught up with my high school art teacher after 17 years. She was a huge inspiration to me in high school a person whom l highly respect and admire.

I worked as her receptionist/ personal assistant at her gallery while in college.

We had lost touch over the years after my mother had passed and while catching up with each other’s lives she asked me that question.

I paused because l never really gave my happiness much thought. I’ve been operating my life in fight or flight mode since my Mom died many years ago.

I gave my attention to everyone and everything but myself because l did not want to feel the pain of the tremendous loss. I was young, in my 20’s when she died a piece of me died and my dreams because she was no longer here to see me achieve them.

I think there is and always be a part of us that want to make our parents proud, to show them the greatness of a life they’ve created. When my Mom died our family dynamic changed life was different and we were all so hurt , broken and lost without her. She was the glue.

I spent many years denying my pain and feelings. When my father died in 2018, l could no longer avoid myself. Denial serves nothing but your ego which really isn’t a good look for a diva.

I’m learning that self care is truly a spiritual practice. Life is not my ideal not as l had planned but practicing daily gratitude has been a complete game changer.

I’m starting to really listen to my body and mind my thoughts. I’ve been on this wellness journey for years and there have been pauses, curves, jagged edges it’s not a straight arrow.

We really can not be happy until we really do the real work and get honest about what we want in life and how to get it; but most importantly becoming the kind of person we will need to become to live the life that we desire.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!

Mia The Diva

Founder & Creator

Fly By July Campaign

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