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Calories, what are they? Why do we need to count them anyways??? – Diva Eats Tuesday

December 20, 2011

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

Calories are units of chemical released energy released to your body when you eat food.

It’s really not that complicated, it’s pretty basic matter of fact.

If you eat just the right amount of calories, your body will use up the energy released.
You will neither gain or lose weight.

Consume too many calories and well……..we have all been there; your body will store the excess in
the form of fat and we are not talking about “phat.”

If you continue to consume too many calories you will get fatter and fatter depending on your body
type you body will continue to store fat according to your body type so you may gain in the hip,
booty, thighs and stomach.

Consume fewer calories than you need and your body uses up the stored fat areas and starts you
on the path to getting ” Fly by July ”

Tips for counting calories:

1. A food journal
2. A kitchen scale and measuring cups
3. A calorie counter book.

(Make sure that you get one that includes information on protein, fat, and carbohydrate contents.)

Start today by keeping record of everything you eat throughout your day and be as detailed as
possible. So for example just don’t say you ate chicken. Write how it was prepared baked, fried etc.
and how much of it you ate.

If you don’t really know where you are at now it’s hard to change what you don’t know so just right
down everything you eat for now so you have a picture of what you are consuming.

I know it’s a pain to measure things but after awhile we will be pros!

Here is a quick way to measure food without scales and measuring spoons and cups.
(Great for when eating out )

The size of your fist = 1 cup

The size of your thumb = 1 oz.

The tip of your thumb = 1 teaspoon

The center of your palm ( no fingers ) = 3 oz.
Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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