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Living Libido Loca!! Libido-Revving Solutions

February 9, 2012

Mia The Diva


It’s February!  The month of Love and Romance !

To get the most out of this frisky month here are a few Libido-Revving Remedies……

Herbs that will make you prrrrwwwwlllll…

Damiana is an oldschool aphrodisiac – it chills a diva out by lowering her anxiety and may be slightly stimulating says Margi Flint a professional member of  The Herbalists Guild from Marblehead MA. She also has taught at Tufts Medical School in Boston where she teaches herbal approaches.

So if a diva knows a herb  Margi’s our girl!

So pour a sultry cup of some damiana tea before doing good deeds to the special hunk of man in your life this Valentine’s Day and if  you don’t have a hunk of man then throw a FABULOUS Fun Party!

Get your blood flowing – stimulating herbs that get blood circulation flowing enhance the sexual feelings in women. When there is more blood on the dancefloor flowin and a circulating down there a diva will feel more aroused and add a dash of some vanilla in your brew – Vanilla comes from the orchid family of and are incredibly sensual flowers.. ..


Play Responsibly


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva



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