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Fly & Fabulous @ 341 Pounds! 100 pound weight loss a year in review

February 13, 2012

Mia The Diva

Monday Motivation! 

Hello Beauties!

Carla Curtis of our group here @ Team FBJ had discovered this motivational story on You Tube of a woman who her Health into her own hands.

She recorded her progress over the course of 1 year as she shows how she looked before in the clothes she wore before and how that fit her now.

What is so inspirational and motivating about this story and that this woman was Divalicious and Fly @ 341 pounds!

She did not allow her weight to have a hinderance on her femininity and Diva-ness.

She still lived her life! She did not hide into a whole from the world, she showed the world ” Here I am! ” This woman exudes confidence before she ever stepped foot to a scale!

She stayed Sexy and Fly;  sometimes when we gain weight some of us may sometimes become depressed because we are not at where we once were, and where baggy clothes and sweats to cover up our ample bodies and have a sense of shame, embarrassment, and even disgust looking at what we have become of ourselves.

No matter where you are today at this moment always look your best no matter what and never lose that diva-spirit that thrives inside you – never let her go.

The day you let you inner diva go is the day you give up.

Not a Good Look for a DIVA! 

The Best thing about being overweight is that if you don’t like it. You can change it and add years to your life!

I think we should all take notes from Diva-slimdown and document our own journey to true health and wellness! 


Thank you Carla for sharing such an inspirational video with the group 🙂 

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

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