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Top 3 Behaviors To Help Curb Over-Eating

February 15, 2012

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!

Do you sometimes find yourself  infront of the TV set or computer hand to mouth?

Chips, Pizza, popcorn and an ice cold pop to go with a great movie?

When trying to lose-weight getting our behaviors under control will be essential to our success.

Sometimes when divas use ” magic pills ” surgerys, and work out to death, in many cases fail to address the underline problem which is our behavior.

Honestly, we can lose a hundred pounds and if we do not change our behaviors we can easily gain ever pound back if not more.

So what’s the solution? 

Here are the top 3 Ways to get yourself active and get our mind out of the Doritos!

1. Get Active – This one is a no-brainer Just get some more exercise into your daily routine.  Not a gym rat? Well go for a walk maybe sign up for a sexy salsa dance class or take on a new hobby like hiking or sign up for a marathon! 

Physical exercise helps reduce stress and keeps you feeling balanced so that you will be less prone to emotional over-eating. 

2. Relax and Pamper yourself – This one is great for us divas because we love to take care of ourselves. Take an extra long bubble bath, maybe treat yourself to a spa day for a pedi and mani, maybe you want to go full throttle and get a full body massage! 

3 Be productive and responsible! – Find something that you have been wanting to do but keep putting it off like maybe a hobby ,  a big house cleaning project like cleaning out the garage, going through clothes to donate etc. 

If you start to change the external things in your life, it will be easier to change the internal 🙂 

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

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