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Fabulous Friday Better than Beauty Secrets! : Your Feet are Fortune!

February 17, 2012

Mia The Diva

Your face can not be fabulous if your feet hurt.

Remember being in the club and had a painful corn?

Do you remember being at the babyshower and your shoes pinched?

Being adventerous on a nature hike and had gotten a blister on your heeel sportin some new  ” kicks ” ?

Let’s face it if your face is not looking fabulous your conversation can not be fabulous, your personality can not be fabulous, if your feet hurt!

Even the most minor foot discomfort can add years and erase diva-ness charm.

There is nothing complicated about proper care of feet we love our pedicures so that’s a no brainer but also take the time to get properly fitted for a shoe by an expert.

If your feet are not normal go get checked out by a doctor.

The shoes we use for walking and everyday do not have to be orthopedic black boot shoes!

There are a few simple tricks that will allow you to stroll with foot confidence and be Fly all at the same time!

1. Lower heels – it still gives you a lift without all the pressure  of our weight and promotes good posture and height.

2. Flats – be careful with this one if you are short roll with the kitty pump flats will pull you to the ground! Flats are a great solution for tall divas!

3. Wide heels – the larger your frame  you may want to consider a heel with a larger width such as a wedge.  This not only is good support , it is also more flattering and slimming effect to a larger frame – Skinny heels are not a good look for a plus sized Diva as they make her appear unbalanced and adds more width to her waistline. 

Your diva walk should be distinguished. You don’t want people to notice your posture good or bad. You want them to see YOU!

So put your best foot forward and invest in a good shoe!  


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


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