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Happy 1st Birthday Fly By July!

January 1, 2013

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!!!

Welcome! It’s that time of year again Fly By July is back in Full Effect!!! We’ve missed you here at FBJ this is our 1st year Anniversary and over there year we have had a lot of success as well as a lot of challenges and things to improve upon. It’s a process but FBJ is here to stay and is committed to making each challenge better than the one before! * Cheers to US in 2013! * Working together towards a Successful 2013 is our goal!

“Coming together is the beginning, staying together is a process, working together is a success. “ – Helen Keller

One year ago I started this campaign as a creative way to share Usana’s RESET program with the world. I wanted to do more than share this amazing product! I wanted to inform; I wanted to educate; I wanted to inspire; and most importantly I wanted to change lives!

In one year we have done just that. I am humbled and honored by the positive feed-back of this campaign and the ladies who supported our very first initial Kick off; DIVA ( in that order, lol ) Colleen Morgan, Yamilet Rodgriguez, Cortney Alicia Hines, Alexis Nichole, Carla Curtis, Doris Orantes, Teresa Robinson, Truly Uneak, Marlana Knight, Brandi Towner, Stacie Lewis Smith and we cannot forget our baby divas in training Yulianna & Layla. Our official First Fly Guys; Fly Guy Rafael, and Fly Guy Matt Jones. Thank you to Alicia Rodgriguez her family, Ayleen Ortega, Dustin Dennis, Diva Dior ( Doris Ortanes ) who organized it all and the countless others who supported us in the Susan G Komen Cancer Walk; from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

These ladies were committed to making healthier choices in their lives and believe in the vision of FBJ. Thank you so much for your priceless friendship and continued support. Let’s make it a Fabulous 2013!!!

Fly By July has turned into something far beyond what I had ever imagined. We have formed life- long friendships here a sister-hood of women who want to better themselves and the lives of others. Divas helping Divas that’s what we are all about!
There is a saying that goes we teach the things that we most need to learn. I became my own student and educated myself about health and wellness. The information I share comes from my research and the many years of the knowledge and experience of Doctors, to Scientist, to Fitness Professionals, to home-remedies, to real- life experiences and inspirational stories.

I Challenge YOU in 2013 – Be the most Fabulous You! Be the most Beautiful You! Be the most Confident You! Be the most Active You!

Let’s Make it Happen in 2013! * Cheers! *
Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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