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Late Night Foodie Calls – When do “Cheat Days” become a problem?

July 9, 2014

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

You know we all have had our “cheat days” or slip ups while trying to get healthy by making a lifestyle change. Making change is simple but no necessarily easy. It’s cool if you ” got into the chicken ” one night it’s a part of the process and it’s healthy to have balance. One cheat day is not going to kill you. Now with that being said if your “Cheat Day ” becomes ” Cheat Days ” leading into ” Cheat Week ” then ” Houston we’ve got a problem! ” #notagoodlookforadiva

Speaking from personal experience I never really had a cheat day. I will take us back to 2004 I was on Weight Watchers and girl I was so good. Too good. I counted all of my points prepared all of my meals like clock work ate just about the same thing everyday I wrote everything down ( before app days ) I worked two jobs and still made it to the gym in-between. I lost my first 10 lbs and you could not tell me nothing! Losing 10lbs was a milestone for me and it felt like 100! Who’s that Lady? It’s me! It’s me! I would tell everyone….I’m that Lady!…..then I forgot to bring my lunch one day.

Errrrrrp!!! So I go to Jack in The Box order a basic hamburger with no dressing calling myself ” being good ” and I completely chucked it! Yuck gross!!! My body rejected it because she was adapting to the clean foods I was eating. My body was like noooooo chick! Fu*k that sh*t.

Still to this day I can not eat a jack in the box burger which is not a bad thing but this did ” trigger ” those old feelings of satisfaction that only high carbs and fried food can provide. I started accepting those late night foodie calls here and there then eventually went back to my X fast food …Mr. Mc Nasty. It was so wrong but it felt so good.

I did not want anyone to get hurt in this toxic food relationship but in the end my body paid the price by gaining double the weight I had lost, the onset of health problems I am experiencing today, and my self-esteem was at an all time low. The morale of the story is it’s healthy to have a cheat day to help avoid a binge episode and so that you do not feel deprived. It really is a lifestyle change.

Over the years I have learned that I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted and Why I wanted it. You know the real why that goes beyond the ” magic dress size ” having a generic why caused me to relapse each and every single time. Once I realized that my health was declining given primarily as a direct result of the poor lifestyle choices I made is when it got real and it was how I discovered my Why.

Once we see ourselves getting into a pattern off accepting ” late night foodie calls” no matter their form STOP get refocused! That is why it is so important for us to,have a vision of what our healthy lifestyle will look like and have the daily goals to get us there and keep focused.

When this begins to happen revisit your vision board. You must really think about WHY you want to get healthy or WHY you want to stay healthy.

Let’s Start Our Engines Divas! Why do you want to lose weight or maintain?
What’s your REAL story?

Be Healthy Be Fabulous!
Mia The a Diva
Founder & Fly Girl Coach

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