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Strip off ALL of your Clothing………..

December 16, 2011

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

This is to be done ONLY when you have quiet & private time for yourself at home to dim the lights, play your favorite music, strip off all of your clothing to observe yourself in the mirror.

Do this ” Diva Ritual as often as your can it only takes about 15 minutes.

Look at your fabulous body without judgement, notice the curve of your body. your coloring, your breast, and all the other areas that you normally do not  look at like under your arms, knees, toes, and fingertips.

If your eye travels to areas that make you flinch; find another place to focus.

The more you can focus on seeing your most beautiful self, the more beautiful you will become.

Let your eyes catch that woman in the mirror and love the skin that you are in. Do you see that sparkle in your eyes and then look beyond it.

Try and connect with the Diva within you. She is beyond your body, beyond the sparkle, and waaaaaaay beyond critical beleifs that you may have about your looks. Your inner Diva comes from a place where there is no such things as  fat, ugly, or flat chested, or too busty. She is pure and untouched by the world that has tried to make her believe that she is not pretty or sexy or skinny enough.

Look into your own eyes and see if you can find her there…….


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

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