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The ” 90/10 ” Rule

December 22, 2011

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!

In addition to being fabulous, a lot of our lifestyle is structured around what we eat. In weight management food is very important.

People can work out for hours and hours, cardio and power walk, run themselves to death sweat out in saunas only to get frustrated when just ” water weight ” comes off and never really seem to lose anything.

Such a shame after a Diva has sweated her hair out and no results!



In managing weight it’s 90% of what you eat, and 10% of exercise, so let’s check out how our diets compare:

The American Cancer Society has developed guidelines to help you reduce your risk for cancer and other ” lifestyle ” illnesses like heart disease and diabetes etc.

Did you know that scientist estimate that 35% of all cancer deaths may be related to what we eat?
We don’t need to be buying flowers for any divas anytime soon so check out these steps listed below to help get us started on the path to eating clean.

* Avoiding Obesity ( weighing more than 20% or more of your target weight standard based on your frame and if you are small or big boned )

* Eating fewer foods that have high cholesterol levels.

* Cutting down on fat intake – primarily from animals that come from meat and dairy products

*Eating bulkier, high fiber foods like veggies and whole grain breads and cereals

* Eating at least 5 servingsof fruits and veggies each day especially those rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C.

* Consuming moderate amounts of salt cured, smoked, foods like bacon, ham, and smoked fish.

* Don’t blame it on the alcohol! LoL limit your intake if you drink at all

* Cutting down on salt

* Reduce intake of sugar

* Reducing fat intake

* Choose food items with less than one gram of fat per 30 calories.

* Keep saturated fat ( found in animal products and packaged foods ) less than 10% of total calories.

* Calculate the percentage of calories from fat by ( amount of calories x .30 = number of calories from fat )

If you need help on deciding what to eat and how much of it use The Food Guide Pyramid.

Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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