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Fabulous Friday! Better Than Beauty Secrets – Slip into your Erotic Soul

December 23, 2011

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

When we are on our journey to better health and wellness, sometimes in the area of seduction we may feel uncomfortable given to our weight, how we look or we may just be plain tired and not have the energy to put into it.

If you are in a relationship or if you are single it’s important to always keep that inner seductress alive!

If she dies relationships die and the possibility of one if you do not have any; most importantly when we lose our femininity we can lose a part of ourselves – not a good look for a diva!

It doesn’t matter how much we weigh or the shape of  our bodies. Expressing our femininity is what separates us from our male counterparts. It’s owning your womanhood and all of its powers.

It’s what makes you a diva-force to be reckoned with and you don’t have to be a ” Beauty Queen ” or ” Super Model ” to use your diva powers.

We all have it, but not all of us know how to find it.

1. Appreciate your sexual self-expression as it is today and how it has been in the past, and make the decision to go in a different direction. What kind of seductress do you see yourself becoming? Visualize her.

2. Take out the Trash! Get rid of anything that does not serve your new goals and let go of the things that stand in the way of a diva-licious new self-image that will be born as you become more aware that your inner seductress is there.

Go through your closets and get a big garbage can go through all of your clothing and under garments and ask yourself would a diva where this?

Get rid of the old stuff ripped up bras, panty hose with holes with runs and clothing that no longer suits you. Ask yourself: Would a dazzling diva be caught in that get up?

If the answer is ” Hell to the No! “ trash it or donate it.
3. Create a vision board for the diva seductress, start looking around for things that symbolize her self-expression and sexuality that represent your new choices, fantasies, fulfillment and desires. This can be garter belts, corsets, or little knick- knacks, you can even go to a travel agency and get brochures of places you would like to go etc. Have fun with it be creative!

Go through magazines and find pictures that represent of how you want to look and feel and express yourself with a man. As you achieve your goals, make a new poster 🙂

Use language – cut out headlines that state your new choices like ” Confidence is Sexy ” or ” Sexiest Woman on earth etc.

Watch movies and learn from them like Basic Instinct and countless others

4. Find your best default pic of you in your diva-ness – if you do not have one that represents your new self-image find one in a magazine of google it, but just one picture is all you need to add to your visual mantra. Frame that picture and add it to your shrine.

5. Take ” him ” to the Cleaners – Tell ” Mr. Wrong ” good-bye

and say Hello to” Mr. Right-now ”  

If you already have a good man – invest in a hot tub …. 

Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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