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Tinkle Time Can Boost Your Metabolism!

February 2, 2012

Mia The Diva

It’s Tinkle Time Beauties!

When we eat food our bodies gain energy from the food that we eat i.e ( calories )  It also must get rid of the end product of our body’s metabolism which is called waste #1 and #2.

Today we will be touching on the process of the tinkle.

As we get Fly and Fit it is important to know how the body works what organ functions are and why they are so vital to maintain good health.

Once we have processed food and it turns into waste it is carried to various places in our body through the blood and carried to various places to get the junk out like carbon dioxide ( water ) in the form of water vapor are exhaled through our lungs; ( This is why it’s not a good idea to smoke, it jacks up this whole process )

Salts and other water is comes out via sweat and all other waste are removed by the kidneys and comes out as urine.

This is why kidney health is so important it cleans out blood of toxins, that is why when people suffer from kidney failure die because their body is unable to function by keeping the blood clean.

Today we have dialysis which helps this process of the cleaning of the blood for those who suffer from kidney failure and diseases.

The kidney’s filter blood into a plasma and this is what makes urine on average a diva will produce 2 to 3 pints of pee.

There are factors that can increase this amount like drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, these are diuretics and can increase the amount as well as cold weather.

Ironically, stress, excessive exercise, sweat caused by hot weather, and not drinking enough fluids particularly water will decrease this amount and can even cause dehydration and build toxins in the body.

So drink your water divas!  The sauna is not going to do it for you if you are trying to fake this process.

The ureter is the tube that it connected to each of  the kidneys in the picture, it  gets processed int those tubes then it works it’s way down to the bladder and once released this is when the wonderful feeling of urination occurs!

So going to a sauna is really ” faking ” this process if you are trying to clear your pores or trying to lose fat , just drink water it’s free!

Divas don’t do tap water, we love our organic shaped eco-friendly bottled-water sooooooo, it may cost us a little extra because that’s how we roll!

An occasional trip to Starbucks, tea time, and the occasional nightcap cocktail can work tinkle wonders!

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


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