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Random Thought:

February 26, 2012

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

I’ve been sick all this week and  one thing is certain is that it has given me an opportunity to re-prioritize my life. When simple everyday time is taken away from you because you are not feeling well we can start to appreciate all the time that we really do have and do the things that we enjoy. 

We all have 168 hours in a week if you break it down you can really see where you have extra time to fit those extra things into your life and if you don’t have time you can see where all of your time is going. 

Here is my example:

Hours in a week 168 Hours  7 days

56 hours ( Sleep 8 hours a day ) 

42.5 ( Hours at work Full Time  Job plus 30 min lunch break ) 

10.0 ( Hours in Travel Time to work back to and from ) 

7.0 ( Grooming Time 1 hour a day 45 minutes for work 15 min before bedtime) 

10.0 ( Hours to Exercise ) 

10.5 ( Hours Eating Meals 3 Meals a Day 30 minutes ) 

2.0 ( Hours weekly grocery shopping ) 

2.0 ( Hours prepare meals for the week ) 

1.0 ( Laundry sorting folding etc. wash time can be filled while doing other activities ) 


This leaves me with 27 hours for the week after my basic needs are met.

I run a home business, dedicate my time to blogging, and my hobby painting so let’s take a look at my extras.

10.0  ( Hours Running Home Business – Blogging etc. ) 

10.0  ” Me Time ” (  Hours dedicated to my hobby Painting ) 

After I get to do do everything that I want to do this leaves me with 7 Hours of Free Time!  I can use an hour a day or savor it for the weekend!

So who’s down to go to Lunch! See a Movie? Go Bowling? Etc! Kids Soccer Game whatever trips your trigger Dear Diva! 

Take Time to Figure Out your Time You may have more Time than you Think! 🙂

It’s not so much running a strict schedule it’s making sure that you get things done in the amount of time that you have set aside for it! 

Be Fabulous!  Be Balanced!

Mia The Diva

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