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Eat Food

January 22, 2013

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!

What’s a diva to eat? It’s the question of last century and this century too! We seem to know everything in the information age but when it comes to something as simple as food we seem to make it complex for ourselves! Afterall there are 17,000 products that show up in the grocery store year after year! All in competition for our oh so valuable food dollar! They want us to make it rain but not give real food in return. I work for my dollars! I’m sure you do too! The sad truth of it is that it’s not all even real food! The bulk of this is highly over processed foods that are mostly from soy and corn with all the chemical Sh*t storm stuff that is placed in it! It never goes bad and you can eat it when you’re 80! # not a good look for a diva!

When it comes to eating well we just have got to come down and choose real food. If it can go bad it’s good for us if it can not go bad then it’s not simple as that and drink lots and lots of water!

It’s taken me a lifetime to come to this realization but it’s food. Just food is all we need to eat. A healthy portion balance of food. The easiest thing in the world but always seems to be the biggest challenge when it comes to trying to lose weight. I am Guilty as charged!

I have found it easy to keep track of my water by counting the bottles I know that I need 4 to 5 of them daily and then I add a bottle before my work out and after to stay hydrated it’s difficult to stay on track but this has been helping me so far. When it comes to food I just make sure it is perishable even for frozen foods.

Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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