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Top 5 “All You Can Eat ” Buffet Survival Tips!

August 14, 2014

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

So what’s a diva to do at a buffet when she is trying to get fly and fit? I live in Las Vegas so it’s pretty much a lifestyle, yea.pretty.much. It’s a challenge to go with no intention to……

We wanna get our money’s worth and the salad bar us just that the salad bar.

So a diva had to look further into this challenge that we face on our journey and find ways to overcome these situations as they come up. Through my travels here are some tips that stuck out to me.

1. Walk the length of the buffet before selecting anything it will give you a quickie cardio session see what’s out there and avoid the lure of the seductive heat lamps.

2. Use a salad plate. It’s smaller and it will give you the illusion of a full plate but with half the servings of its larger dinner size counterpart.

3. Limit your trips & plan your route a plate for salad one for entrée and last one for dessert.

4. Pick things that you rarely eat no point in eating pizza when you can have a fabulous Grilled Salmon or New York Steak!

5. Dine Right ” All You Can Eat ” is an offer not a requirement.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous! 
Mia The a Diva 
Founder & Fly Girl Coach

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