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Calories What does it all mean?

October 29, 2014

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

How frustrating is it when we go full throttle watching what we eat hitting the gym everyday sweating our buns off and no matter if we give it 110% or zero we still look the same still overweight and in some cases even gaining!

Whaaaaaaats sup with that!?!?!

Simply put calories is a form of energy that our body burns, think of a car you can get good gas or cheap gas if you put in good gas your car is purrrrrring it runs more efficiently and your gas seems to last forever! Ok when we are short on coin and buy the cheap stuff our car runs hard it’s hacking hair balls and our gas burns out before we make it to the next corner and we have to refill again almost immediately!

It’s no different with our bodies, we all require x amount of calories to sustain our current size and x amount calories to reduce our size.

Eating whole foods low carbs is the good gas and fast food, high carb, high fat is the cheap gas. Eating whole foods will keep us feeling fuller longer give our bodies the nutrients that it needs and it will burn fat efficiently and reduce risk of disease.

Eating fast foods of high carbs and fat will cause our body to store the energy as fat and clog us up over time….that can cause heart disease, stroke and cancer it’s cheap gas so it will burn up as quickly as you fill it and you will buy gas twice in a week where as if you have the good stuff you only have to buy once a week. In the long run in more ways than one the cheap gas is more expensive.

It does not matter how much we work out, if we are not giving our bodies the proper nutrition we are just burning empty calories that literally blow out of our back-end! Our results are minimal or we even may gain in some cases and our energy levels tend to stay low.

I think that sometimes we forget that food is here to energize us not exhaust us!  Let’s treat ourselves right only high quality gas for our Fabulous vessels!!!!

Be Healthy! Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

Founder &’Creator

Fly By July Campaign

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