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Getting Real & Getting Focused 

October 14, 2015

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas! 

This wellness journey can be a crazy ride! There are lots of twist and turns along the way! Excuses are excuses and no results ever come from them. I’ve been refocused back on my wellness journey for the past 7 months and when I tell you a a Diva has been tested she has been tested! Between Disappointments Setbacks and general Life Events I somehow found myself in a place where I began to question if I could do this. #notagoodlookforadiva 

Then the I remembered who I am and pulled this Diva back together! This  ignited and relaunched my wellness journey; it is still a work in progress and not an easy path but staying focused is my focus. 

I’ve always been a Big Fan of having goals but have a really big one or too many can overwhelm a diva! 

Work goals one by one and to know that your on the right track the SMART formula is always a great place to start! 

Ask yourself is my goal Specific? 

Can I measure my goal? 

Is my goal achievable? 

Is my goal reasonable? ( Rome was not built in a day divas! ) 

What is my time frame? 

Take some designated chill time and really think about your goals & where you want to be this is a journey divas not a marathon! Embrace the process! 

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You! 

Mia The Diva 

Founder & Creator 

Fly by July Campaign! 

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