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Smile. Even though your heart is aching

July 25, 2021

Mia The Diva

Hi Divas,

About this week.🖤
It’s been a tough one.

When those close to me hurt. I hurt. When a loved one is lost there really are no words of comfort that can be offered. Only your love and support.

Many of us are losing our loved ones primarily our parents. A change of the guard. It’s a part of life but losing a parent is losing a piece of your identity. We revert back to being a child in that moment no matter our age. When l lost my Mom almost 20 years ago l thought l had this death and grief thing down. I was painfully wrong.

Losing my second parent in 2018 almost took me out. The emptiness l felt was insurmountable. My father and l were extremely close especially after my Mom died we leaned on each other.

I learned that l had a lot of unresolved issues that came to the surface after his death. It has been my greatest blessing thus far of discovering who l truly am and what l’m made of.

“ Life isn’t about feeling happy it’s about feeling everything. “ – Unknown
“ Life isn’t about feeling happy it’s about feeling everything. “ – Unknown
“ Life isn’t about feeling happy it’s about feeling everything. “ – Unknown

We never truly grow up until our parents are gone.I am grateful and blessed to have had amazing parents who did their very best providing me the tools to succeed in life. My greatest lesson l learned from them was simply observing how they lived.

When l see the post on my timeline of loved ones lost take heart that your pain is felt and that you are not alone. We will all lose someone near and dear to us at some point in our lives but know that ironically these experiences bring us closer to ourselves.

We are not from our parents but we do come through them in this life’s journey. It took me some time to grasp that concept.

Every season of life will require a new you. The most valuable words of wisdom was from my Grandfather.

He died at the age of 86 twenty-five years ago. One of his last words were “ Just when you figure it all out, it’s time to go.” I was young and did not truly understand this concept until now.

There is no rush to get it all right or figure it all out. I’m patient in allowing my life to unfold…

Be Healthy Be Fabulous Be You!

– Mia The Diva 💪🏽💕 xo

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