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This is how we DETOX

January 26, 2022

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

Detoxing? What does it all mean? So as we approach another Campaign Season just a reminder we don’t have to wait another calendar year to pull it together!

I started learning more about detoxing during the pandemic l learned a few things that changed the game for me and upped my detox game.

When eating a lot of meat, processed foods, starchy food and sugar it interferes with the body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins. When we replace these foods with fruits & veggies ( antioxidants) our body begins to detox & do the repair work.

The Liver. Should l say the Liiiivaaa. It really runs the show of our bodies. It does everything from converting food into energy it’s the source of our metabolism mojo it helps the body fight infections. It gets all the toxic “ ish “ out our bodies along with our kidneys so keeping these gals in tip top shape is vital.

I start my morning everyday with what l call my “dirt” smoothie. It’s my go to on the daily to set my liver up for the best day.

I’ve been consistent for the past week almost and have already felt a reduction in bloating and lost a few pounds. I will share more about it and the recipe in a future post it’s a part of my morning regimen that deserves a post of its own. It’s a whole regimen.

I wanted to focus on detox in this post so subscribe & follow a diva for future blog post to stay in the loop if you have not already!

I have more energy and don’t need a nap mid day l’ve been getting up earlier to get my day started on a positive note. I’ve felt good in general most days but get sprints of lightheadedness.

Possibly need to eat more or drink more water. I thought then did my research and it’s a part of the detoxification process and my body beginning to heal. I had to work on myself and self awareness.

The nutrition is pulling everything together and everything now is making sense of what l have worked so hard on these past couple years.

There is no straight arrow on this journey you just have to go through it your life ish. There are no shortcuts. Hang in there dear diva it gets better.

My “ Dirt “ Smoothie

Consistency has always been an issue for me but it is key to everything! I finally get it. So day by day step by step l just keep moving forward.

I’m starting small so once l get one thing down l will move on to the next. Changing your lifestyle is not complicated but challenging your mindset takes commitment and dedication.

Be Healthy Be Fabulous! Be You!

Mia The Diva

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