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Big, Long & Lots of inches!

May 8, 2013

Mia The Diva

165955_210902805701760_1995708533_nHello Beauties!

So what this Big long thing with all the inches?? It all begins at our mouth and it is a process that works very very well when done properly. In fact a diva can not live with out it.

It’s our digestive system ofcourse! Digestion is the process of how we break down our food so that we can use it for energy and well… live our lives! So it’s kina of a big a deal. When we eat food is just broken down into smaller sections kind of like a club where there is a hip hop room a house room etc you get where I am going with this.

The big long tube is our digestive tract kind of looks like a long hose the food we eat. There is always a party in our stomach when we eat food especially good food! How do we get into this party? Well the front door it begins at our mouth and moves through this tube and then moves into the hip hop room known as the the small intestine off of the stomach.

Then once in the hip hop room the food moves along to the main club where the house music is playing which is our large intestine and then we get crazy the food has a party in our stomach they use up all the energy and then the rest of it gets ” wasted ” and works it’s way out the back door known as ” the poop shoot ” and we go home feeling and looking fabulous ready to do it all again the next night!

If this process gets jacked up in anyway you will look horrible and feel like a bus hit you. # not a good look for a diva!

On a brighter note by having this process corrected it can change a diva’s life!

Let’s focus this week on chewing our food enjoy it, taste it, love it. Let’s make sure we get the full benefit of the foods that we eat!

Be Healthy! Be Fly! Be Fabulous!
Mia The Diva

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