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5 Reasons Why I Walk

July 13, 2014

Mia The Diva

Hey Divas!

Because this is how I walk. OWN it!!!’

I remember my first fitness date so many years ago I told myself: “Today I Run.”

I made it to the mailbox.

I know many times we wanna hit the gym, join that online 30 day ab challenge, run a marathon, do a thousand sit-ups, pop in a P90x CD and ” Go Beast Mode ” take heat divas, sometimes the lofty goals although fantastic are just not realistic fitness goals to maintain when just starting out.

I have set lofty goals in the past only to end up disappointed and angry with myself for not keeping up and went right back to my X Mr. McNasty answering his late night foodie calls….as the saying goes… sometimes we have to walk before we can run.

Walking by far is the most effective and safest exercise for a diva just starting out on her healthy fitness journey. Lots of divas start by just simply walking.

Here are 5 Whys Why Walking is a great First Fitness Date!

1. It’s free no gym membership!

2. Just about every diva can do it from 2 to 102!

3. We use most of our energy walking in our day to day activity we do it daily!!!

4. Take it to the streets! You can walk anywhere the mall the office, around your house…

5. Get a pedometer! It’s an easy way to track activity a diva needs to know her math!

I’ve fought it for many years at the end of the day we have to know our numbers to lose but more importantly to maintain weightloss the daily goal to maintain healthy daily physical activity is 10,000 steps a day.

#FitTip Walking 30 minutes meets daily physical activity requirements to maintain physical activity requirements, take it easy divas you can work your way upto 10k! Rome was not built in a day!

So OWN it Diva Get Out there and Walk!

Be Healthy Be Fabulous!
Mia The a Diva
Founder & Fly Girl Coach

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