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Create the Illusion of a Flawless Figure!

January 7, 2012

Mia The Diva

Hello Beauties!

When all have one of these wardrobe problems at one time or another in our lives. What one considers a problem area another diva may not.

Some divas are comfortable exposing their bare arms where another may not – a busty diva may be a bit more reserved where another may have the girls out to play….

We all are of different shapes and sizes  so whatever you’ve got work with it and  Flaunt your best Stuff!

If you’ve got a great rack spice up a V Neck with a Fabulous T shaped sparkly necklas! 

Self -conscious about your arms?  Rock a 3 quarter sleeve and dazzle it up with some bangles! 

Are you Bootylicious? Get some flair with a wide leg trouser and dress it up with a pair of  Sexy high-heeled boots!

 Grrrwwwwlllll…….. Look out WORLD! It’s up to you to decide what is comfortable to you and what fits your comfort zone.

If you like it, I LOVE it!  ROCK IT!

Problem: Large bust

Solution: Many women think they’re hiding their ample chest by covering it up with a turtleneck but they’re actually making their breasts appear larger. The slimming solution is a top with a scoop neck, which balances the proportion and directs the gaze to your collarbone area and face.

Problem: Untoned arms

Solution: Instead of covering up flabby arms, go for a top with a three-quarter-length sleeve. Because it ends at the thinnest point of your arm (your elbow), the sleeve creates a slimming illusion.

Problem: Big butt

Solution: Stay away from pants that taper at the ankle and tops that are too short. A more flattering combo is a pair of flared jeans and a patterned top that hits at hip-length.

Problem: Muffin top

Solution: Do not buy pants that are too tight or shirts that are made of thin or sheer material. Go for pants with a higher waist– to keep the lower belly covered– and add a loose top with a pattern that attracts the eye.

Problem: Thick thighs

Solution: Skinny pants only emphasize the issue. Wide-leg trousers– which happen to be a big fall trend– give the illusion of a long thin leg. Avoid tight skirts that hit at midcalf and opt for A-line looks instead.

Problem: Sizable tummy

Solution: New moms know this problem well. A great go-to combo is a tunic and leggings. The tight leggings draw attention to slender stems and the drapey, loose top camouflages belly fat. If you’re looking for an evening option, dresses with ruching are ideal.


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva