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Pee me a river …. Detox or not to Detox?

January 11, 2012

Mia The Diva


Hello Beauties!

It seems like a good idea to detox right?

Here are some other things you should know about natural liver cleansing:

Over time, fasting can slow your metabolism, making it harder to keep your weight off.
If you fast, make sure you get all the nutrients you need, including protein found in beans, milk, eggs, yogurt, and lean meat.
Fasting can be addicting because it causes a kind of “high.” If overused, it can lead to eating disorders and other health problems.

Divas can become concerned when toxins are constantly bombarding our bodies, toxins are chemicals with potentially harmful side affects and can bring a diva down!

There are some obvious toxins like smog and pesticides. The pesticides used to grow and prepare food.

Then there are other toxins that can within our bodies based off of lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, impure water, eating high fat fried foods, because our bodies are under constant attack these lifestyle choices can overwhelm our body’s natural defense that can lead to declines in our health.

Our body can hold on to toxins in the digestive system, lymph or gastrointestinal system, our skin, our hair.

They can then cause problems such as fatigue, headaches, nausea and a wide range of chronic diseases. We’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do! Not a good look for a diva!
Ok so why detox?

Detox diets are designed to rid the body of toxins – to do this we would temporaily give up certain kinds of food.

This is called fasting or purging – then we would gradually reintroduce food to our diet. So for example we may do a liquid diet for 1 or 2 days then on day 3 and four you made add vegetables and fruit then day 4 rice, then eventually other foods choiced some people go the route to eat clean and change their lifestyle others go back to their previous food choices and just with the intention to cleanse their bodies.

These are examples of popular detox diets:

Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet
Fat Flush Diet
Liver Cleansing Diet
Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet
Raw Food Diet

It is believed by some that occasionaly cleansing the body with a natural liver detox diet can clear the body of poisons that have built up – they also suggest that detox diets help with weight loss – other claims have been from more clear headedness leading upto prevention and cure of chronic diseases.

It’s true that symptoms may improve with a detox diet but there is no evidence that this is due to clearing toxins from the body. According to Web MD, improvements may result from what is and not eaten or drunk on these diets such as:

more water
less alcohol and caffeine
less fat and animal proteins
fewer refined and processed foods
more healthful, whole, plant-based foods

As it turns out, a balanced, proper diet may be more helpful than a detox diet. Perhaps taking the best of the detox diets — eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed, refined, and fatty foods, for example — is the way to go.

What’s the Problem with Detox Diets?

A diva needs to eat! Alot of the problem with these diets is that they are so restrictive you can not maintain them for very long – even though most are designed to las a couple of days or weeks – it can be dangerous because weight loss is usually from fluid and muscle loss.

We are cute and back in our ” skinny jeans ” for about 5 minutes and then…..” BAM!! “

We can quickly regain weight once we go off of the diet – if used long term detox diets can cause harm.

The good news is that our body has it’s own natural detoxification process that works well and it’s free!

The liver and kidneys tag team and process all the junk and get it out via sweat, tinkling, and poo!

……..Ok so you still want to detoxify dear diva?

If so, slow your roll before you start peeing a river!

* Make sure you check with your doctor

* Do not do it for longer than a brief period – long term can cause dehydration, and problems with our digestive system if used long term

Some divas are more delicate when it comes to detox diets

DO NOT go on a detox if you have:
*low blood sugar
*an eating disorder
*a heart condition
*a chronic condition, unless cleared by your doctor
*Also, detox diets are not appropriate for children, teens, seniors, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Becareful Ladies! I don’t want to have to buy and Flowers!


Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva


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