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January 16, 2012

Mia The Diva


Today is the first  National LYDIA Day!

L et 

Y our

D ays

I nvolve

A ction

Today 9 years ago my mother lost her battle to Type 2 Diabetes and Conjestive Heart Failure.

I learned all of my diva traits from her and even in her death she continues to inspire me.

She was truly a diva in every aspect of her life even until the very end.

Even though she became very ill she continued to educate herself about health and wellness, she continued to educate herself about her diseases.

She continued to FIGHT!  

In spite of her illness you would have never known how ill she truly was – she still continued to go on – to take care of herself – she still went to work – she still lived her life – She still continued to be ” Fly & Fabulous  ” and a Diva -licious – oxogen tanks and all!

She continued to stay STRONG. 

By using her name Lydia – L et Y our  D ays I nvolve A ction 

It is a tribute to my mother and her legacy.

No matter what curve ball life may throw us we will have to continue on we still have to let our days involve action.

We still have to fight and never give up. 

I challenge us all to let our days involve action no matter what!  No matter what happens we have to keep it rollin 🙂

It is my ultimate goal to start a foundation and to have this day recognized as a day to raise awarness about diabetes prevention and celebrating the lives of fallen divas who have lost their battle to this horrible disease.

Currently about 2.9 million people die each year world wide to Diabetes. If current trends continue 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime and those with diabetes will lose an average 10 to 15 years of life.

Diabetes is a disease that in my opinion goes un-noticed as a serious life threatening disease – it is just as serious as a cancer because it literally attacks the entire body.

The good news is, is that diabetes can be treated and managed with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and even reversed in some cases.

Millions of people don’t even know that they have the disease and live for years with it.  In many cases the disease has already done the damage by the time most people discover they have the disease and soon after develop complications.

I’ve attached a link with a video from the American Diabetes Association that explains the symptoms of the disease and how to decrease your chances of complications.

Be Fabulous!

Mia The Diva

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